What are 5 safety rules for a table saw?

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What are 5 safety rules for a table saw?

Table Saw Safety Tips

  • Read the Instructions!
  • As With Any Tool, Use Appropriate Personal Safety Equipment.
  • Keep Your Saw “Tuned Up.”
  • Keep the Area Clean and Dust-Free.
  • Keep Your Saw Blades Sharp – and Use the Right Type.
  • Use Featherboards.
  • Use Splitters and Blade Guards.
  • Use Zero Clearance Inserts.

What are the safety features on a table saw?

Table Saw Safety Features (Woodworking)

  • Riving Knife & Splitter.
  • Anti-Kickback Pawls.
  • Push Stick.
  • Blade Guard.
  • Magnetic switch.
  • Sensors.

What are the three safety precautions when using table saw?

Safety Rules Safety glasses and hearing protection are required. Never saw freehand. Never clear small pieces while blade is moving. Never adjust saw or setup while saw is running.

What is the most common safety issues that occurs with the table saw?

While lacerations are the most common injury, around 4,000 accidents with table saws involve amputations as a result of direct contact with the rotating blade of table saws. The medical costs for treating table saw injuries have been estimated at more than $2.1 billion every year.

What is kickback on a table saw?

Kickback is the term for wood that suddenly and without warning is propelled back towards the operator at a high rate of speed. As wood is set against the fence and pushed across the table saw into the blade, it can begin to lose pressure against the fence.

What can you not do on a table saw?

Do not make free-hand cuts on a table saw. Guide the stock through the blade using the rip fence or the miter gauge. Keep the blade guards, splitters and anti-kickback fingers in place and operating freely.

Why is table saw safety important?

Table saw safety is extremely important to woodworkers because most woodworkers who use power tools use table saws as their main shop tool. In fact, injuries due to table saws far outnumber injuries by other power tools in your typical workshop.

What causes kickback on table saw?

Kickback is a situation when wood gets picked up by the blade and violently thrown at you, which happens way faster than you can react. This usually occurs when the workpiece pinches the blade or gets stuck between the blade and the rip fence.