What is the policy on the language of instruction in Uganda?

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What is the policy on the language of instruction in Uganda?

Uganda’s language policy requires that rural schools should choose a dominant local language to use as the language of learning and teaching for the first three years of primary school while English is taught as a subject.

What is the language policy in education?

Language policy in different countries is usually reflected in the curriculum time devoted to the teaching of different languages as a subject and the teaching of other subjects through those languages, as well as in their importance for assessment.

What do you mean by language policy?

Language Policy is what a government does either officially through legislation, court decisions or policy to determine how languages are used, cultivate language skills needed to meet national priorities or to establish the rights of individuals or groups to use and maintain languages.

Why does Uganda speak English?

In Uganda, as in many African countries, English was introduced in government and public life by way of missionary work and the educational system. During the first decades of the twentieth century, Swahili gained influence as it was not only used in the army and the police, but was also taught in schools.

What is the language in Uganda?

Uganda/Official languages

What is language policy Tanzania?

Tanzania’s language policy was based on demographic, historical, political, economic, and linguistic factors. Kiswahili had been used in primary education since German colonial rule in the nineteenth century, when it was already widely used throughout the colony.

What is an example of a language policy?

Examples include the introduction of new words (lexical modernization), the development and change of the writing system or orthography of a language (graphization), and the attempted purging of lexical items and grammatical forms deemed inaccurate, inappropriate, or otherwise unwanted (purification).

What do you call someone from Uganda?

Demonym(s) Ugandan. Government. Unitary dominant-party presidential republic. • President.

What is the most common language in Uganda?