Where did the Cardinals football team start?

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Where did the Cardinals football team start?

The Cardinals started out as the Morgan Athletic Club, a neighbourhood team based in the South Side of Chicago. The team acquired its nickname in 1901 when its founder, Chris O’Brien, received a shipment of faded jerseys from the University of Chicago Maroons football team that were cardinal red in colour.

Did the Arizona Cardinals used to be in Chicago?

The professional American football team now known as the Arizona Cardinals previously played in Chicago, Illinois, as the Chicago Cardinals from 1920 to 1959 before relocating to St. Louis, Missouri, for the 1960 through 1987 seasons.

What cities have the Cardinals been in?

The Cardinals are the oldest extant professional football club in the United States, and along with the Chicago Bears, are one of two charter members of the National Football League still in existence. The franchise moved from Chicago to St. Louis in 1960 and to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1988.

When did the Arizona Cardinals play at Arizona State?

But the savings and loan crisis derailed financing for the stadium, and the Cardinals played at Arizona State for 18 years. The Cardinals had missed the playoffs by a single game in their final season in St. Louis, and for much of the 1988 season they were poised to make the playoffs.

Where did the St Louis Cardinals play their home games?

Facility information and history. Since moving to Arizona from St. Louis, Missouri in 1988, the Cardinals had played at Sun Devil Stadium on the campus of Arizona State University. The Cardinals had only planned to play there until a new stadium could be built in Phoenix.

When did the Arizona Cardinals move to the NFC West?

In 2002, the addition of the Houston Texans caused the NFL to realign into eight divisions of four teams each. After 32 years of being in the NFC East, the Cardinals were finally moved to the NFC West with the 49ers, Seahawks, and Rams]

What was the Arizona Cardinals record in 1997?

The Cardinals fell back to 4-12 in 1997, but that season saw the debut of rookie quarterback Jake Plummer, who the previous season guided Arizona State to a remarkable 11-0 regular season before falling just short of the national championship with a loss to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

Where was the Arizona Cardinals originally located?

Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals were founded as the Morgan Athletic Club in 1898, and are the oldest continuously run professional football team in the United States. The Cardinals play their home games at State Farm Stadium, which opened in 2006 and is located in the northwestern suburb of Glendale .

How did Arizona Cardinals get their name?

The origin of “Cardinals” dates all the way back to the team’s origins as the Chicago Cardinals, and refers to the color, not the bird. Apparently they were trying to get jerseys in a similar shade of maroon as the University of Chicago, and got cardinal red instead, which led to the nickname.

When was the Arizona Cardinals founded?

The Cardinals were established in Chicago in 1898 and were an original member of the NFL in 1920. This makes the club the oldest continually run professional football team in the United States. The team was moved to St. Louis in 1960 until 1988 when they began playing in Arizona.

What are all the Arizona Cardinals players names?

  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Patrick Peterson
  • Kurt Warner
  • Calais Campbell
  • Pat Tillman
  • Dick Lane
  • Larry Wilson
  • Dan Dierdorf
  • Darnell Dockett
  • Anquan Boldin