How many calories are in whipped vodka?

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How many calories are in whipped vodka?

Whip your home bar into shape with our Pinnacle Whipped Vodka….NUTRITION VALUES.

TYPICAL VALUES 1.5 FL.OZ. Serving Size
Calories (kcal) 99.0
Fat (g) 0.0
Carbohydrates (g) 6.7
Protein (g) 0.0

Does whipped vodka contain sugar?

There are no sugar, carbs, fiber, cholesterol, fat, sodium, vitamins, or minerals in vodka. All of the calories come from the alcohol itself.

What is the lowest calorie flavored vodka?

Ketel One Botanical, which comes in three flavors, clocks in at 73 calories per a 1.5-ounce serving. But how does it really compare to typical vodka and wine? A regular 1.5-ounce serving of vodka has about 100 calories. Like regular vodka, the new Botanical liquor has no carbs, protein or fat.

What flavored vodkas have zero carbs?

GREY GOOSE® Vodka and Flavored vodkas all contain zero carbohydrates in a 1.5 ounce serving.

How many calories are in a shot of whipped Pinnacle vodka?

That’s refreshing. Under 75 calories. Zero Sugar. It must be Pinnacle® Light & Ripe.

How many calories is in Tito’s vodka?

How many calories are in a serving of Tito’s Handmade Vodka? 98 calories per 1.5 oz of Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

How much sugar is in Tito’s?

What is the other nutritional info for Tito’s Handmade Vodka (per 1.5 oz)? There is no sugar or gelatin added.

What is the least calorie alcohol?

Vodka is the alcohol with the lowest calories, at around 100 calories per shot (that’s a 50 ml double-measure). Whisky is slightly more, at roughly 110 calories a shot. Gin and tequila are also 110 calories a shot.

How many calories in whipped vodka?

There are 88 calories in a 1 oz serving of Pinnacle Vodka Whipped Vodka. Calorie breakdown: 0% fat, 100% carbs, 0% protein.

How many calories in a shot of flavored vodka?

Flavored vodkas are super sweet. But the lack of a nutrition label makes it all too easy for us to assume the nutritional value of a shot is the same, or at least really similar, to the plain, harsh-tasting vodka you’re trying to avoid. The plain kind has just under 100 calories per shot, with zero grams of sugar.

Which is the flavor of Smirnoff vodka shot?

That flavor doesn’t come without consequence. Sorry to put a damper on your Saturday night — but your flavored vodka shots might not be as low-cal a cocktail as you originally thought. Skipping the vodka cranberry and pre-gaming with blaringly terrible blends of fruity Smirnoff isn’t saving you much sugar at all.