Do they still make frequency 55 contacts?

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Do they still make frequency 55 contacts?

Recently, a contact lens by the name of Frequency 55 has been discontinued by Coopervision, leaving some of us looking for the best alternative possible to this specific type of contact.

How long can you wear frequency 55 contacts?

Frequency 55 Aspheric are monthly disposable lenses, which means they can be worn for up to 30 days before being replaced with a fresh, new pair. However, the lenses still need to be removed and disinfected at the end of each day.

Are Biomedics 55 discontinued?

Are Biomedics 55 Discontinued? No, Biomedics 55 Premier and Evolution have not been discontinued. A few years back, Coopervision discontinued a few hydrogel lenses, three of them being Biomedics 55 UV, Biomedics 38, and Proclear EP.

Are aspheric contact lenses better?

An aspheric lens has varying curvature across the surface of the lens rather than a uniformly spherical shape. Aspheric contacts can correct spherical aberration and reduce the blurring of vision. They can provide sharper, clearer, and brighter vision in some people.

What replaced frequency 55?

Avaira Vitality™
Product discontinuation notice Frequency® 55 aspheric lenses are no longer available. To help you switch with ease, CooperVision® recommends Avaira Vitality™ as a great alternative.

Are ClearSight contacts discontinued?

Please note ClearSight 1 Day 90 Pack brand has been discontinued by CooperVision Inc., the manufacturer of this product. Since it is not possible for us to replenish our inventory with this productcertain lens powers may not be available for order processing.

Is Frequency 55 Toric discontinued?

It’s sad when your favorite product is discontinued, but we’re here to help you find a new favorite. Did you know that you may be able to get a new online contact lens prescription?

How long do Sofmed 55 contacts last?

Manufactured by CooperVision, Sofmed 55 are disposable contact lenses that last up to 2 weeks.

Are Biomedics monthly contacts?

Biomedics Contacts These lenses are weekly replacements (1-2 week) and are easy to care for.

When should I use aspheric lenses?

Aspheric lenses work for people who struggle with: Farsightedness. The difference between conventional and aspheric lenses is more noticeable for those who are farsighted, but these lenses correct both near and far vision deficiencies. Nearsightedness (myopia).

What is the difference between spherical and aspheric lenses?

Spherical Aspheric Regular lenses have the same curves across its entiresurface and a front surface that is spherical (much like a circle in theshape). Aspheric lenses have a more unique front surface(more like ashape of an oval)that gradually changes in its curvature from the center of thelens out to the edge.