Is Ikea Ektorp loveseat discontinued?

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Is Ikea Ektorp loveseat discontinued?

The now discontinued 2 seater IKEA Ektorp sleeper sofa fits into most living spaces like a charm (in terms of both size and style). The bed portion is fuss-free and easy to pull in and out. The rounded armrests, floor length slipcover and thick seat cushions make it comfortable, cosy and classically stylish.

Is ektorp coming back?

In the US, it is discontinued as of October 2020. It will be replaced with a similar looking sofa called UPPLAND. It’s a different size and has different covers.

Is uppland the same size as ektorp?

Will the IKEA Uppland cover fit Ektorp? Because of the size difference of the couches, the slipcovers are different sizes too. You would not be able to fit an Ektorp slipcover on the Uppland sofa and a Uppland slipcover would be too large for the Ektorp sofa.

How many boxes does the Ektorp sofa come in?

The Ektorp comes in four boxes. One is the cover, and that’s a small free-floating box, and the other three are shrink wrapped together. Pro tip: when you go to the sofa section of IKEA, you place your order there, but they don’t pull it til you pay.

Is the Ektorp sofa comfortable?

Comfort. The Ektorp sofa is comfortable even after 2 years of use. The cushions have not lost their shape and it still provides a cozy spot to curl up. When it comes to the sofa with the chaise it is even more comfortable.

Can you dye IKEA Ektorp covers?

As it was filling up I added 1/2 bottle (1/2 Cup) of the navy dye and 1/2 bottle (1/2 Cup) of the black dye, and 1 Cup of salt. I let my machine agitate for a minute to mix and then I added my covers. As instructed, extended the wash an extra 30 minutes by resetting the cycle before it can rinse. Rinse in cold water.

Are IKEA sectionals comfortable?

On the flip side, I’ve sat in other models where the seat and back cushions are too hard. At the end of the day, in my experience, IKEA couches (regular and sectionals) are not the most comfortable. They look comfortable. They’re pretty comfortable when you sit in them for 5 minutes in the store.

How big is the IKEA Ektorp sofa?

The following are the dimensions of the EKTORP sofa: Width: 85 7/8″, Depth: 34 5/8″, Height: 34 5/8″, Seat Depth: 19 1/4″, Seat Height: 17 3/4″.

Can I fit an IKEA couch in my car?

IKEA furniture can definitely fit in your car. While you may not be able to fit some of the larger pieces if you have a small vehicle, IKEA makes their packaging as transport-friendly as possible, with compact, flat boxes designed to fit into your car like solving a puzzle.

Are IKEA sofas self assembly?

Do IKEA Sofas Come Assembled? In almost every circumstance, IKEA sofas will not come assembled unless you are to purchase a used display unit in IKEA. Just like all other IKEA furniture items, IKEA sofas come in flat-pack boxes which require assembly.

Is the Ektorp sofa still available at IKEA?

Is the Ektorp completely discontinued? Like I said before, the Ektorp is not completely discontinued (yet). The gentleman at IKEA didn’t make it sound like it was going to be completely gone for good but you can only get the Ektorp in the Lofallet Beige color (and likely only online). The stores no longer carry the Ektorp sofa.

What kind of cushions do you use for Ektorp?

Our beloved EKTORP seating has a timeless design and wonderfully thick, comfy cushions. The covers are easy to change, so buy an extra cover – or two, and change according to mood or season. Reversible back cushions filled with polyester fibres provide soft support for your back and two different sides to wear.

Which is better Hallarp beige or Ektorp beige?

Hallarp Beige ~This is the closest beige to the Ektorp’s Lofallet Beige. This is the slipcover you get if you are afraid to go white in your home but want a light colored sofa

How big is the Ektorp compared to the Uppland?

The Ektorp dimensions are Width: 85 7/8″, Depth: 34 5/8″, Height: 34 5/8″ The Uppland dimensions are Width: 88.25″, Depth: 36.25, Height: 36.25 I can’t say I feel like my Ektorp is small in scale but for those with larger spaces, the Uppland might be a good fit. The Uppland seat cushions have springs in them while the Ektorp cushions are all foam.