What is PROSITE used for?

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What is PROSITE used for?

PROSITE, a protein domain database for functional characterization and annotation. PROSITE is a protein database. It consists of entries describing the protein families, domains and functional sites as well as amino acid patterns and profiles in them.

Is PROSITE a sequence alignment tool?

PROSITE is a method of determining what is the function of uncharacterized proteins translated from genomic or cDNA sequences. The use of protein sequence patterns (or motifs) to determine the function(s) of proteins is becoming very rapidly one of the essential tools of sequence analysis.

What is scan PROSITE?

The ScanProsite tool allows to scan protein sequences for the occurrence of patterns, profiles and rules (motifs) stored in the PROSITE database, or to search protein database(s) for hits by specific motif(s). The program PRATT can be used to generate your own patterns.

What is Expasy tool?

Expasy is an online bioinformatics resource operated by the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. The individual resources (databases, web-based and downloadable software tools) are hosted in a decentralised way by different groups of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and partner institutions.

Is Prosite a secondary database?

PROSITE and PRINTS are the only manually annotated secondary databases. The print is a diagnostic collection of protein fingerprints.

What does evalue mean?

The BLAST E-value is the number of expected hits of similar quality (score) that could be found just by chance. E-value can be used as a first quality filter for the BLAST search result, to obtain only results equal to or better than the number given by the -evalue option.

Is PROSITE a secondary database?

What are PROSITE patterns?

PROSITE is an annotated collection of motif descriptors dedicated to the identification of protein families and domains. The motif descriptors used in PROSITE are either patterns or profiles, which are derived from multiple alignments of homologous sequences.

What are Prosite patterns?

What is TrEMBL?

TrEMBL, (Translated EMBL) is a very large protein database in SwissProt format generated by computer translation of the genetic information from the EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database database. In contrast to SwissProt which contains only proteins actually found in the wild, and PIR which is entirely unchecked.

Why is ExPASy used?

It is an extensible and integrative portal which provides access to over 160 databases and software tools, developed by SIB Groups and supporting a range of life science and clinical research domains, from genomics, proteomics and structural biology, to evolution and phylogeny, systems biology and medical chemistry.