How long do Oasis guitar humidifiers last?

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How long do Oasis guitar humidifiers last?

What is the life expectancy of the Oasis® humidifier? We warranty the humidifiers for 2 years of use. They may last longer but do wear out over time.

Do you need distilled water for guitar humidifier?

Oasis recommends distilled water for its humidifiers to minimize mineral build up. Less minerals in the tube means more space for water. You can also use rainwater – which is what my luthier uses in his room humidifiers.

Do you need a humidifier for ukulele?

Keep your instrument in an environment that neither gets too hot or cold. If your instrument is kept in an environment that leans too dry or humid, your ukulele could experience damage. Dry air is the most common culprit. A humidifier will protect your instrument from reaching those levels of dryness.

How often do ukulele strings need to be changed?

Since most nylon strings have a lifespan of 1-2 years, the general rule is to change your strings when you start to see signs of wear, fraying, discoloration, or loss of tone. Changing your strings is also good if you are looking to experiment with the different ukulele tones or sounds.

Do you really need a guitar humidifier?

Basically, the answer is yes, you do. If you live in an area with little humidity year-round, then there is a little wiggle room, but it’s still a good idea to cover your bases by spending a few bucks on a humidifier. “So it’s key to monitor the humidity and temperature if you want to take care of your guitar.”

What humidity is best for ukulele?

between 40% and 55%
The ideal humidity is between 40% and 55%. Too little humidity leads to cracks and low action, if the wood gets over exposed to moisture it can swell or bloat causing buzzing and raised action.

Do you need to humidify your ukulele?

As the temperatures drop, so does moisture. So like chaining up your tires when there’s heavy snow, you need to humidify your ukulele during winter months. If you live in a hot, dry region, then you might need to use a ukulele humidifier year-round to keep your instrument from drying out.

When do I need to use the oasis humidifier?

When should I use the Oasis ® Humidifier? The Oasis ® humidifier should be used whenever your guitar is in an area where the relative humidity is less than 50%. Keep in mind that you want to measure the humidity indoors where your guitar will be.

Can a humidifier be removed from a guitar case?

If you are uncertain what the relative humidity is where your guitar is kept, use the Oasis ® Digital Hygrometer, available on our website at: If the humidity remains high, it is suggested that you remove the humidifier from the case so over-humidification will not contribute to a possible mold problem.

What happens to the crystals in a guitar humidifier?

The crystals turn to gel which eliminates free water inside the humidifier. If a leak does occur, you will see a damp spot on the humidifier rather than a pool of water in your instrument. The humidifier will work without Humigel crystals, but the free water inside the humidifier will become a pool of water in your instrument should a leak occur.

Can a humidifier be used in a closed case?

The humidifier is designed to be used with the instrument in the case. It can humidify the space in a closed case, however it cannot humidify an entire room. Can I store my guitar in any position when using a soundhole humidifier? What is the life expectancy of the Oasis ® humidifier? We warranty the humidifiers for 2 years of use.