How much is the Orient Express from Bangkok to Singapore?

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How much is the Orient Express from Bangkok to Singapore?

Eastern and Oriental Express 2021 2022 Prices, PER PERSON

From USD per person sharing, PULLMAN Single Twin/Double
BANGKOK – SINGAPORE $6,165 $3,100
SINGAPORE – BANGKOK $5,865 $2,900
NEW YEAR JOURNEY $7,420 $4,115

Does the Orient Express go through Thailand?

Our Eastern & Oriental Express Bangkok to Singapore tour allows you to experience Southeast Asia in unparalleled luxury. The journey combines the best of eastern culture and western comfort in an intoxicating blend as you cross the borders of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Does the Orient Express go to Asia?

The Eastern & Oriental Express is a luxury train that carries passengers between Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Since 2007 the train has also travelled between Bangkok and Vientiane, the capital city of Laos.

Is there a train from Thailand to Singapore?

The only direct train service from Bangkok to Singapore is the Eastern & Oriental Express which is a fantastic service but very expensive and the trains run infrequently. You can, however, travel much more cheaply every day year by using regular Thai and Malaysian train services.

Are meals included on the Orient Express?

When travelling on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, all table d’hôte meals are included in your fare and beverages are at an additional cost. Water, tea and coffee are complimentary in the restaurants and in your cabin.

How much is a presidential cabin on the Orient Express?

How much does it cost? The fare from Singapore to Bangkok or vice versa by Eastern & Oriental Express starts at around $3,325 per person in a Pullman or $4,825 in a Stateroom or $7,575 in a Presidential suite, assuming two people travel together and share.

How much is the presidential suite on the Orient Express?

How long does the Orient Express take from Paris to Istanbul?

This once-a-year, six-day luxury rail voyage from Paris to Istanbul or from Istanbul to Paris on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (VSOE) is a true ‘trip of a lifetime’.

Is Singapore better than Bangkok?

Both cities are definitely worth visiting at some point, and each has its own unique charm and quirks. Singapore has more of a ‘Western’ vibe than Bangkok, and the city is calm and relaxed in comparison. It’s more expensive than the Thai capital but it does have great excursions and is very safe.

How many hours is Singapore to Thailand?

Non-stop flight time from Singapore (SIN) to Thailand (BKK) by different airlines

Journey Duration Airline
SIN ➝ BKK 2 hours 15 minutes Tiger Airways
SIN ➝ DMK 2 hours 20 minutes AirAsia
SIN ➝ BKK 2 hours 20 minutes Thai Airways International
SIN ➝ BKK 2 hours 25 minutes Singapore Airlines

Can you just have lunch on the Orient Express?

We offer lunch trips on the Northern Belle and British Pullman, sister trains to the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, that include the Spirit of Travel lunch, the indulgent wine tasting lunch and traditional Sunday lunch.

What is the dress code on the Orient Express?

You can never be overdressed on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train. For dinner, we ask that men wear a suit and tie and women dress in smart attire, but many guests like to don black tie or evening dress for the occasion. During the day the dress code is smart-casual.