What are antonyms of grudgingly?

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What are antonyms of grudgingly?

What is the opposite of grudgingly?

freely gladly
acceptingly approvingly
contentedly delightedly
embracingly enthusiastically
generously happily

What is a synonym for grudgingly?

What is another word for grudgingly?

petulantly unwillingly
hesitantly unenthusiastically
cautiously warily
carefully reluctantly
involuntarily helplessly

What is a synonym and antonym for grudgingly?

grudginglyadverb. in a grudging manner. “he grudgingly agreed to have a drink in a hotel close by” Antonyms: ungrudgingly.

What is the antonym of seasonal?

What is the opposite of seasonal?

ceasing changing
ephemeral halting
infrequent intermittent
interrupted occasional
temporary terminating

What are two synonyms for grudgingly?

synonyms for grudgingly

  • carefully.
  • cautiously.
  • hesitantly.
  • unwillingly.
  • warily.
  • involuntarily.
  • unenthusiastically.

What do you call a rookie?

colt, newcomer, tenderfoot, beginner, neophyte, cub, trainee, amateur, fledgling, greenhorn, apprentice.

What’s another word for rookie?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rookie, like: tyro, novice, beginner, hurdler, initiate, abecedarian, champ, apprentice, novitiate, world-champion and null.

What’s another word for seasonality?

What is another word for seasonal?

regular periodic
recurrent cyclic
cyclical autumn
spring summer
winter repeated

Are there any antonyms for the word grudgingly?

Antonyms for grudgingly include freely, gladly, acceptingly, approvingly, contentedly, delightedly, embracingly, enthusiastically, generously and happily. Find more

What’s the meaning of the phrase’grudging acknowledgement’?

In the spirit of the Bard’s grudging acknowledgement, we take notice of an article in the March/April issue of The Humanist entitled, “What Bush Didn’t Want You to Know About Iraq.” Administration keeps Iraq secrets. (Insider Report) She earns first the Marquis’s grudging respect, then admiration and finally his love.

When does Max break free in grudgingly antonym?

The president, who appeared to have assented grudgingly, observed that the lawmakers reduced some of the proposals he presented and increased others adding that they also introduced fresh allocations. During the chase, Max breaks free and grudgingly helps Furiosa.

Which is the best game for antonyms and synonyms?

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