Do clip in ponytails damage your hair?

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Do clip in ponytails damage your hair?

Clip-in extensions don’t cause any more damage to your hair than wearing it in a super tight pony. All hair extension methods cause tension on your strands but the best thing about clip-ins is that you can take them out to avoid any damage.

How do you apply clip in hair extensions to a ponytail?

How to Apply Ponytail Hair Extensions

  1. Pull up your hair into a regular ponytail as desired.
  2. Next, take your ZALA KeratinPro Ponytail with the french lace side facing down.
  3. Place on top of the base of your ponytail and slide the clip into place above your hair elastic.

How long do clip in hair extensions stay in?

How Long Human Hair and Synthetic Extensions Last. If you take really good care of your human hair clip-ins, they can last about 12 months. Usually though they last between 3 to 6 months with medium to heavy use and without proper care. Remember just like your natural hair, they need the same love and attention.

What can you do with a clip in ponytail?

With clip-in ponytail extensions, braided ponytails, high ponytails, low ponytails, voluminous buns are all made possible. What does the Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension come with?

What is the Luxy hair clip in ponytail extension?

What is the Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension? The Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension is our new limited edition clip-in ponytail that is made from 100% remy human hair. It comes with a velcro base, which adheres together to secure the ponytail.

How are bobby pins used in a ponytail?

It comes with a velcro base, which adheres together to secure the ponytail. Also, it has a long strand of hair that is used to wrap around the base with 2 matching bobby pins (which are included) to ensure a seamless blend. Most importantly, it is a really quick way to instantly add length and volume to your ponytail (as well as your updos)!