How do you lock FPS in Battlefield 3?

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How do you lock FPS in Battlefield 3?

This happens most when you’re inside a building without much action going on. To limit your frame rate, type gametime. maxvariablefps 60 in the console and press Enter. From that point on, the FPS number in the top right should never exceed 60.

How do I make BF3 look better?

Making Battlefield 3 Look Beautiful: A quick guide to optimizing your visual experience

  1. Mesh Quality: I’d say this is the most important setting to max out as much as possible.
  2. Shadow Quality: This one is up to personal preference.
  3. Texture Quality:
  4. Anisotropic Filtering:
  5. Anti-Aliasing (MSAA and FXAA):

What is uncap bf4?

Griefing: Purposefully shooting or otherwise sabotaging your teammates in an online game. Griefing includes stealing of friendly vehicles while they are repairing (for example). Forcing a TK is griefing. 2: ATTACKING UNCAP IS NOT ALLOWED (Conquest Only) Don’t attack the enemy’s uncappable base (main base).

Which battlefield is the best for low end PC?

Built on DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine, the updated version of Frostbite used in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 is no doubt is the best looking game in the Battlefield series.

How do I change settings in Battlefield 3?

I think you can find the Config file of game settings in: This PC>>Documents>>Battlefield 3>> Settings and there you will need to edit PROF_SAVE profile file (open it in World Pad).

What is un cap?

verb (used with object), un·capped, un·cap·ping. to remove a cap or cover from (a bottle, container, etc.). to free from limits or restrictions: The union is demanding that cost-of-living allowances be uncapped. to remove a cap or hat from (the head of a person).

Why is Battlefield 5 locked 60fps?

However, the real problem with Battlefield 5 and using the “AUTO” Graphics Quality options is that the frame rate will be locked at 60 FPS if V-Sync remains on. A big bump in the FPS Battlefield 5 is running at can have a positive impact on aiming, as movement in general is more fluid.

Is Battlefield 4 fps capped?

The frames per second in Battlefield 4 will now be limited to 60 FPS. But if you restart the game, then you have to put the command into the console again but it is also possible to activate Battlefield 4 commands and functions permanently with a config file.