Which episode of Suits does Rachel kiss Mike?

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Which episode of Suits does Rachel kiss Mike?

‘I got your message’ – series two – episode two Before things even got relatively hot and steamy, there was that kiss.

Does Mike forgive Rachel for kissing Logan?

He was unable to forgive Rachel for kissing Logan. Rachel told him about the kiss when Mike was sounding positive about getting his life back on the track. The revelation about the kiss broke his trust and also wiped-out his new hope.

Does Rachel Zane cheat on Mike?

Does Rachel cheat on Mike Ross with Logan? NO. There wasn’t any sexual intercourse involved. The two did share a long KISS that definitely shouldn’t have happened, though.

Does Rachel snitch on Mike?

Does Rachel cheat on Mike Ross? Yes. Rachel did cheat on Mike. She kissed another man while in a relationship with Mike.

What happens at the end of Season 4 of suits?

Louis uses his new leverage to become a name partner, rub Jessica and Harvey’s noses in it, and promises to make Mike’s life a living Hell until he breaks his will and resigns. Error: please try again.

Who are the actors in the TV show Suits?

Regular cast Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt

When did the last episode of suits air?

It first aired on July 30, 2014. Mike is reeling after the takeover battle; Jessica allows Louis to name his own reward. Jessica Pearson offers Louis Litt a reward for winning the Gillis Industries takeover deal. However, when Louis asks to be promoted to name partner, she refuses.

Who is the actor who plays Louis Litt on suits?

Patrick J. Adams plays college dropout Mike Ross, who wins the associate position with his eidetic memory and genuine desire to be a good lawyer. Rick Hoffman plays Louis Litt, Harvey’s jealous rival and the direct supervisor of the firm’s first-year associates.