Which is the recognised political party in Tamil Nadu?

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Which is the recognised political party in Tamil Nadu?

Every political party recognised by the Election Commission of India as a National party or as a State party in the State of Tamil Nadu under the Election symbols (Reservation and Allotment) order, 1968 shall be recognised parties for the purpose of election to local bodies in Tamil Nadu. 3.

Is the DMK in opposition in Tamil Nadu?

Further, there’ll be some MLAs representing BJP in the assembly and DMK will be in the opposition, as usual. And if AIADMK splits for some other reasons at the time of elections, it’ll be advantage for BJP (and not for DMK).

Is the ADMK in power in Tamil Nadu?

The people of Tamilnadu are living peacefully for the last several years in AIDMK rule, after sending out the Evil Force from power. They have no reason to get this peace and tranquility disturbed, by the Evil Force’s henchmen now running that party. Yes friend by all means friend!

Is there restriction on enrolment of name in electoral roll?

There is no such restriction for applying for enrolment of the name as a voter in the electoral roll. However, during any election, inclusion, addition, deletion, modifications, etc., will be made till the last day of receiving nominations.

How are electoral rolls prepared in Tamil Nadu?

Electoral Rolls shall be prepared by the Electoral Registration Officers as per the instructions issued by the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission.

When is the counting of votes in Tamil Nadu?

Polling is scheduled in all 234 Assembly constituencies in Tamil Nadu and 33 constituencies in Puducherry on April 6, and the counting of votes is scheduled on May 2. The same schedule applies to the bypoll in the Kanniyakumari Parliamentary constituency. © THG PUBLISHING PVT LTD.

Where do I get nomination form in Tamil Nadu?

The nominations will be received in the offices specified in the election notice between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on all the working days during the period fixed for filing of nominations. 5. Nomination Form: The nomination forms will be made available by the Returning Officer/Assistant Returning Officer to the candidates on payment.

Which is the oldest district in Tamil Nadu?

According to the Election Commission of India, over 12.91 lakh electors in electoral rolls across Tamil Nadu are aged above 80. Of the 37 districts in the State, Chennai has the highest number of such persons (1.08 lakh), followed by Coimbatore (64,755), Salem (61,728) and Tiruppur (61,272).