Is Glassell Park Safe 2021?

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Is Glassell Park Safe 2021?

Glassell Park has an violent crime rate and an average property crime rate for Los Angeles.

What happened Glassell Park?

Man charged with murder in fatal shooting of Glassell Park Rite Aid employee. Prosecutors allege that Lemus used a handgun during a robbery at the store, and killed 36-year-old Miguel Penaloza. The incident occurred July 15 at the Rite Aid along the 4000 block of Eagle Rock Boulevard.

What county is Glassell Park in?

Los Angeles County
Glassell Park/Counties

Who is Glassell Park named after?

Andrew Glassell
Glassell Park, Los Angeles

Glassell Park
State California
County Los Angeles
City Los Angeles
Named for Real estate attorney Andrew Glassell

What area code is 90065?

Los Angeles
Find Area Code by Zip Code of City/Community. Ordered by Zip Code.

Zip Code City/Community Telephone Area Code (& Overlay)
90065 Los Angeles (Cypress Park, Glassell Park, Mt Washington) 323
90066 Culver City, Los Angeles (Mar Vista) 310 (424)
90067 Los Angeles (Century City) 310 (424)
90068 Los Angeles (Hollywood) 323

What district is Eagle Rock?

Council District 14 in Northeast Los Angeles includes the northern section of Highland Park including the neighborhood of Garvanza, a portion of Glassell Park, and the majority of Eagle Rock.

What is Glassell Park known for?

The Glassell Park Recreation Center offers music, dance, tennis, and also soccer classes to kids and adults. Today Glassell Park’s real estate is on the rise. The “Glassellland” sign best represents it’s resurgence. This is a throwback to the Hollywood sign, as well as the diverse neighborhood’s community pride.

Is Glassell Park a city?

Glassell Park is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California with a population of 26,582. Glassell Park is in Los Angeles County. Living in Glassell Park offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes.

Is 90065 a safe area?

Los Angeles (zip 90065) property crime is 49.9. NOTE: The city of Los Angeles, California does not have FBI Crime Statistics. The closest similar sized city with FBI crime data is the city of South Pasadena, California.

What is Eagle Rock famous for?

In 1911, Eagle Rock was incorporated as a city, and in 1923 it combined with the City of Los Angeles. The neighborhood is the home of Occidental College and is known for being an enclave of counterculture.

Why is Eagle Rock called Eagle Rock?

While Silver Lake isn’t named after a lake filled with mercury, and while Echo Park isn’t home to some aural phenomenon, Eagle Rock gets its name from a very literal source: an indentation on a rocky outcropping on the northern edge of town casts a shadow that, during certain parts of the day, resembles an eagle in mid …