How many people watched the World Cup in 2018?

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How many people watched the World Cup in 2018?

Audit shows a record 3.572 billion people watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Figure includes those who watched TV at home, out of home or on digital platforms The final was seen live by a combined 1.12 billion viewers worldwide

How many people watch mens Cricket World Cup?

The event also recorded a 42% increase in average time watched per unique viewer in comparison to the 2015 Men’s Cricket World Cup. Emphasising cricket’s continued appeal, the 706 million unique audience was a 22% increase compared to that of Cricket World Cup 2015. 41% of the audience were women, whilst 32% of the 706 million were aged 18 to 34.

How many people watched the semi final of the World Cup?

England’s heartbreaking World Cup exit was the most watched British TV event in six years. Over 26 million fans watched the Three Lions 2-1 semi-final defeat to Croatia. England has a population of 53 million. Ratings peaked at 26.34 million…

What was the average audience for the World Cup?

Perhaps the biggest indicator of a World Cup’s success is the average live audience. The 2018 World Cup was a slight improvement on Brazil with 191 million viewers for an average match, 2.1 percent more than four years prior (187 million).

How many people world wide watch the Super Bowl?

The 2020 Super Bowl pales in comparison, having had an average viewership of 99.9 million in the U.S. plus an estimated 30 to 50 million viewers around the world.

How many matches will be played in the World Cup Cup?

How many matches are played in the World Cup? 64 matches in total are played during the World Cup: 42 during the group stage, 8 during the knockout round (also known as the round of 16), 4 during the quarter finals, 2 in the semi-finals, 1 third-place match, and 1 final match. So there are plenty of chances to watch!

How many people watched the Womens World Cup?

(Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images) FIFA announced on Friday that a combined 1.12 billion viewers tuned into official broadcast coverage of the 2019 Women’s World Cup held in France. The final match between the United States and the Netherlands drew an average live audience of 82.18 million and reached a total of 263.62 million unique viewers.

How can I watch the World Cup?

How to watch World Cup 2018 games live online with a VPN Choose a VPN designed for HD streaming. Register on the VPN provider’s website. Download and install the VPN client. Select a suitable streaming site from the list below. Connect to a server in the correct location. Visit the streaming website.