Who is the Senator of Kajiado County?

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Who is the Senator of Kajiado County?

Phillip Salau Mpaayeiwas is serving his first term as the senator and was elected in 2017.

In which Subcounty is Kitengela?

Kitengela is a town in Kajiado County just 30 km (19 mi) south of Nairobi and is part of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area. Kitengela is one of the fastest growing urban areas of Kenya according to census data of 2019, having tripled in population inflows since 2009.

Who are the members of the US Senate?

Senators Senator’s Name State Party Class Office Room* Baldwin, Tammy Wisconsin Democratic 1 I SH-709 Barrasso, John Wyoming Republican 1 I SD-307 Bennet, Michael F. Colorado Democratic 3 III SR-261 Blackburn, Marsha Tennessee Republican 1 I SD-357

What is a Senator job?

The job of a senator is to act on behalf of the American people in legislative sessions to ensure the voice of the common citizen is heard. Each of the 50 U.S. states has two Senate representatives.

Who are the two female senators from California?

Feinstein is extremely wealthy – her net worth hovers somewhere around $70m – and her daughter is presiding judge of the San Francisco superior court. California is another state that has two female senators, and Boxer is another old hand. She has been in the Senate since 1993 and before that served six terms in the House of Representatives.

Who is the longest serving woman in the Senate?

Mikulski, a fixture on Capitol Hill, is the Senate’s longest-serving woman and the first Democratic woman elected to the Senate in her own right, 26 years ago. As a sign of her political stature – physically she is tiny – she was given a speaking role at this year’s Democratic national convention.

Who is the current Senator of Busia County?

He was deputised by Kizito Osore Wangalwa in his first term and now he is deputised by Moses Okhoba Mulomi. Amos Wako Sitswila has been Busia senator since 2013 after being elected as the first senator. Florence Mwikali Mutua is the current women representative after taking office in 2013.

What kind of people live in Busia County?

Pop. Though most residents of Busia County are ethnically Luhya, there is also a substantial population of Luo and Iteso residents. Busia county is made up of seven administrative sub-counties, thirty-five county ward assemblies, sixty locations and one hundred and eighty-one sub-locations.

What are the functions of Senators in Kenya?

Senators participate in the law-making function of Parliament, allocate national revenue among counties and exercise oversight over state officers. Having highlighted other functions of senators on this site before, today we list all the 47 elected senators in Kenya as of 2019.