How much horsepower does a 400 Pontiac have?

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How much horsepower does a 400 Pontiac have?

360 horsepower
The 400 pushed this number up to 360 horsepower, with the same Quadrajet single four-barrel.

How much HP do v8s have?

In the American Top Fuel class of drag racing, V8 engines displacing 500 cu in (8 L) today produce outputs of over 7,000 kW (10,000 hp).

Is a Mopar 400 a big block?

The Mopar 400 Big Block engine for Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth makes is a member of the B-series of V-8 engines. This series included with 350, 361 and 383 cubic inch displacements. The 400-cubic inch engine was introduced in 1972 in a high-performance and a standard version.

How many horsepower is a 400 small block?

524 hp
See all 21 photos Run on the dyno in carbureted trim, the modified 400-inch small-block produced 524 hp at 6,400 rpm and 486 lb-ft of torque at 4,800 rpm.

How much is a 1968 Firebird 400 worth?

Data based on 250 auction sales. note: The images shown are representations of the 1968 Pontiac Firebird and not necessarily vehicles that have been bought or sold at auction….Pontiac Models.

Engines Median Sale
400 CID | 330 HP $23,500
428 CID | 375 HP $30,875
350 CID | 320 HP $18,750
400 CID | 335 HP

What is the most powerful stock V8?

Hellcat still stands out as the most powerful American V8 engine out there and the reason is, 6.2L Demon V8. This beast just produces 707 horsepower which is powered by a 2.4L supercharger tuned by AMG which just makes it a bomb thats why it is ruling the list , here in India we even don’t have a 2.4 L engine LOL.

How much HP can a Mopar 400 block take?

In this application, the 400 had a four-barrel carburetor, had the same 8.2:1 compression, and was rated at 195 horsepower and 305 pound-feet of torque.

How much HP does a 402 big block have?

The Chevy 402 big block has horsepower of 375 at 5,600 rpm. The engine has a torque of 415 pounds-feet at 3,600 rpm. Also, the engine can get over 400 horsepower on a dyno.

How much HP does a 406 small block have?

Henderson Power Sports tops 600 hp with a 406-cube pump-gas hydraulic-roller Chevy 400 small-block

406 Chevrolet Small-Block
Compression ratio: 10.5:1
Camshaft: custom COMP hydraulic roller
Valve lift: .725/.734 inch