Are Eastman violins good?

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Are Eastman violins good?

Eastman Violins has been a strong presence in the student violin market for many years, building a reputation for consistent quality. Their VL100 model has been praised by reviewers for its excellent value, with a quality of craftsmanship exceeding many pricier options.

Where are Eastman instruments made?

Eastman guitars are not “Made in China”. They are proudly hand-crafted in Beijing. In our increasingly global economy this is an important distinction. Founded in 1992 by a Chinese music student named Qian Ni, Eastman strings initially gained their reputation in the world of violin making.

Where are Andreas Eastman violins made?

While most of the violins from Eastman are made in China, there are several models that are made in Romania and Germany. All of the instruments are hand varnished and many of them are antiqued to look like old Italian master violins.

Who owns Eastman guitars?

Qian Ni
Saul Friedgood: I started working for Eastman 12 years ago and came to the company from outside of the music industry. I was hired by Qian Ni, who is the Founder and Owner of Eastman.

Is Andreas Eastman a good brand?

While Eastman Strings does make student model violins, they are well-known for making advanced violins and violins that sound beautiful which is why we highly recommend them for the advanced player. Strings Magazine often recommends Eastman violins for advanced players due to their playability and tone.

Which is the best violin in the world?

The 10 most valuable violins in the world

  • The ex-Ries Stradivari.
  • The Dolphin Stradivari.
  • The ex-Szigeti Stradivari.
  • The La Pucelle Stradivari.
  • The Lord Wilton Guarneri del Gesù
  • The ex-Carrodus Guarneri del Gesù
  • The ex-Kochanski Guarneri del Gesù
  • The Lady Blunt Stradivari.

Why are Eastman guitars so expensive?

They are very high quality made instruments and are generally worth their price tag. That being said, the MSRP on their site is a bit higher than street price. The other factor for Eastman’s price increases in the last few years (as a local shop informed me) is the US/China trade wars and the tariffs.

Are there any American made mandolins?

Northfield Calhoun Mandolin & Gig Bag – Made in USA.

Why do electric violins have 5 strings?

The five-string violin was created as a solution for improvisers that allowed musicians to combine the pitch ranges of the violin and viola. Due to the size limitations of a five-string violin, the low C string typically resonates slightly softer than the other strings.

Who makes Eastman violins?

Eastman 305 Series Violins and Outfits | Johnson String Instrument.

Are Eastman guitars any good?

EASTMAN GUITAR has long been a leading manufacturer and supplier of musical instruments. Players know when they buy an Eastman acoustic guitar product, they are getting quality materials at an affordable price. All Eastman Instruments and products are a good value, there are a few guitars that stand out from the crowd.