What are some sports that are cognates?

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What are some sports that are cognates?

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  • The Olympic Games. Los júegos olímpicos.
  • volleyball. voleibol.
  • baseball. beisol.
  • softball. sofbol.
  • tennis. tenis.
  • basketball. baloncesto.
  • soccer. fútbol.
  • football. fútbol americano.

Is popular a cognate?

Perfect Cognates

Spanish English
Popular Popular
Pretensión Pretension
Principal Principal
Probable Probable

What is music from Spain called?

The two best known musical genres from Spain are Flamenco and Celtic music, although Spain has many other musical styles and dances throughout its mainland and island regions.

What are the 3 types of cognates in Spanish?

There are three types of cognates that are relatively easy to recognize: Words that are spelled exactly the same. Words that are spelled slightly differently. Words that are spelled differently but sound similar.

What are the different types of sports in Spanish?

Sport – el deporte. Sports – los deportes. badminton – el bádminton. baseball – el béisbol. basketball – el baloncesto. boxing – el boxeo. chess – el ajedrez. cup – la copa.

How to say your favorite sport in Spanish?

In order to say your favorite sport in Spanish, you can use the phrases: “ Mi deporte favorito es + deporte ” or “ El deporte que más me gusta es el/la + deporte”.

What kind of Sport is judo in Spanish?

Judo: (Judo) Deporte de combate (combat sport) and arte marcial (martial art) from Japón (Japan) based on lanzamientos (throwing), sumisiones (submissions) and estrangulaciones (choking). Natación: (Swimming) Sport which involves advancing through el agua (water) as quickly as possible using your brazos y piernas (arms and legs).

What does practicar UN Deporte mean in Spanish?

Notice that practicar un deporte is often used to say you play a sport. If you would like more vocabulary associated with sport, see our page about typical things associated with each sport in Spanish.