Which is the best tactic in football manager 2014?

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Which is the best tactic in football manager 2014?

My best FM14 tactic so far, 8 titles in 3 seasons including 1 Uefa Champions League with Benfica (100% Portuguese squad). Creating a narrow 4-1-2-3 strikerless tactic in Football Manager 2014 the way Gullit envisaged it; fluid player movement and smooth passing.

Which is the best tactic in FM14?

The most battling and commanding tactic for FM14. Defeat anyone home/away. A very reflecting tactic of G.G. Resilient, Ruthless and Intelligent play. Inspired from the Masterminded Game of Muricy Ramalho. The most successful Brazilian Coach on your Screens.

What is a strikerless Barcelona style tactic for football manager?

A strikerless Barcelona style tactic for Football Manager 2014. Play possession football with great results. Successfully tested with various teams. A tactic based on the way the French national team has played in this World Cup. It combines an unbreakable defence with a quick, wide, and very effective attack to produce a great tactic.

When to update FM tactics for patch 14.3?

Updated 24/03/14 to suit patch 14.3 – This post has not been changed, but the changelist for the updated tactic can be found near the bottom of this post, just before the download link. Minor tweaks and enhancements have been made so this will be just as effective with the new patch.

What’s the best formation for football manager 2014?

For some time now you’ve been asking us to create a 4-2-3-1 tactic for Football Manager 2014. Well now we have, the holy grail of FM 2014 formations has been unlocked. I call it Darren’s dynamic 4-2-3-1, Darren because of my name, dynamic because its fast paced and well you get the rest.

Which is the best FM 2014 match engine?

Hey guys and welcome back to our series of best FM 2014 tactics. Its been a while since I could update you with something new, mainly due to this years tactics and match engine been so tough to master. However, after many hours of testing I think we’ve found one of my best FM 2014 tactics yet, at least I hope so. 🙂