Who is in charge in Belgium?

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Who is in charge in Belgium?

Prime Minister of Belgium

Prime Minister of Belgium Dutch: Eerste Minister van België French: Premier Ministre de Belgique German: Premierminister von Belgien
State Ensign
Incumbent Alexander De Croo since 1 October 2020
Executive branch of the Belgian Federal Government
Style His Excellency

How many ministers are there in Belgium?

The Council of Ministers (French: Conseil des ministres; Dutch: Ministerraad) is the supreme executive organ of the Federal Government of the Kingdom of Belgium. It is a cabinet composed of the Prime Minister, who leads it, and up to fourteen senior ministers.

Who runs the Belgium government?


Office Name Since
King Philippe 21 July 2013
Prime Minister Alexander De Croo 1 October 2020

Who is the current king of Belgium?

Philippe of BelgiumSince 2013

Philippe, king of Belgium, in full Philippe Léopold Louis Marie, (born April 15, 1960, Brussels, Belgium), king of the Belgians from 2013. Philippe was the first of three children of Albert II, who became Belgium’s sixth king in 1993.

Who is the king of Belgium now?


Who is the most famous Belgium?

10 Famous people from Belgium you should know about

  • Adolphe Sax.
  • Lily Boeykens.
  • Jean Baptiste ‘Django’ Reinhardt.
  • Marie Moke Pleyel.
  • René Magritte.
  • Audrey Hepburn.
  • Stromae. Paul Van Haver, Stromae, was born in Brussels in 1985.
  • Marthe Donas. Marthe Gabrielle Donas was born in Antwerp in 1885.

Who is the head of government in Belgium?

Charles Michel. The Prime Minister is the head of the federal government, whose work he leads and coordinates. He chairs the Council of Ministers and the inner cabinet.

Who is the Minister of immigration in Belgium?

The Minister for Immigration and Asylum Policies advocates developing a legal (or economic) immigration system, particularly in order to mitigate the effects of the decrease in the working population, which is forecast to shrink by 23% in Belgium by the year 2050. 2. Illegal immigration

Who is the Minister of Environment in Belgium?

Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development. Minister of Mobility, in charge of skeyes and the National Railway Company of Belgium. Minister of Digital Agenda, Telecom and Postal Services, in charge of Administrative Simplification, the Fight against Social Fraud, Privacy and North Sea.

Who is the Minister of Education in Belgium?

Minister President and Minister of Intra-Belgian Relations, International and European Relations and Development Cooperation MR Valérie Glatigny: Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research, Youth and Sports PS Caroline Désir: Minister of Education PS Frédéric Daerden: Minister of Budget, Public Functions and Equal Rights Ecolo

Who is the Minister of Health in Belgium?

Maggie De Block is tasked with tackling obesity. Belgium has some weighty issues with nearly 50% of the population overweight. The health minister of Belgium Maggie De Block is 52-year-old. she is reported to weigh in at more than 20 stone.

Who is the leader of Belgium?

Charles Michel is the incumbent Prime Minister of Belgium , officially assuming the office on 11 October 2014.

Who is the leader of England?

As of April 2014, the leader of England is United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron, head of the Conservative Party.

What is Belgium government?

Government type in Belgium is a constitutional, popular monarchy and a parliamentary democracy where the federal bicameral parliament consists of a Senate and a Chamber of Representatives exist.