Why are there so many road games in the NFL?

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Why are there so many road games in the NFL?

At the end of the day, the NFL is entertainment, and the league wants to make sure they put an entertaining product out on the field. The Teams – The league has to be mindful of the number of consecutive home or road games a team plays. They try to avoid having a team play on the road three straight weeks, for example.

How many teams are there in the NFL?

There are four teams in each NFL division. A team will always play the other teams in their division twice – once at home and once on the road. This accounts for 6 of the games on a team’s schedule. Each of the four teams in one division will play games against each of the teams in another division from their conference.

Where does the NFL get their schedule from?

The league has computers in a secure room that spit out thousands upon thousands of possibilities for the NFL schedule.

Which is the next city to get an NFL team?

The next city to get an NFL team should be Bismarck, North Dakota—a central location representing states without NFL teams, such as Montana, Wyoming and both Dakotas.

Where are the landlocked states in the United States?

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia are categorized as single landlocked states. Arizona, in the Southwestern region, is bordered by Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, California, and the Mexican states of Baja California and Sonora.

Which is the closest NFL expansion city to Dallas?

Location-wise, Oklahoma City is closest to Jerry Jones’s team in Dallas (there’s no doubt the powerful owner will protest this expansion team), but there’s a stretch of states north of Oklahoma the Lightning can target, including the newly football-less St. Louis market.

Why are there two double landlocked countries in the world?

Landlocked countries face the special challenge of having to rely on other countries with maritime borders for access to ocean trade routes. There are two landlocked countries in the world that are double landlocked, meaning that they are surrounded by countries that are themselves landlocked.