What is a sf 1219?

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What is a sf 1219?

Standard Form 1219 – Statement of Accountability is an accounting document that domestic disbursing officers transmit monthly to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, reporting the transactions (disbursements and collections) processed to support their operations and on behalf of other Federal Program Agencies (FPAs).

What is a DD 1081?

DD Form 1081, Statement of Agent Officer’s Account, May 1975.

What is DD Form 2665?

1503 DAILY AGENT ACCOUNTABILITY SUMMARY (DD 2665) The DD 2665 is a stand-alone document that provides a complete picture of a deputy’s, cashier’s, or disbursing agent’s accountability transactions from day to day.

What is a DD Form 1131?


Who is required to prepare a DD Form 2665?

deputy, agent
Overview of DD Form 2665, Daily Agent Accountability Summary. Each deputy, agent, and cashier shall prepare a DD Form 2665 daily.

What is fund balance with Treasury?

The Fund Balance with Treasury (FBWT) is an asset account that shows the available budget spending authority of federal agencies. Collections and disbursements by agencies increase or decrease the balance in the account.

What is a SF 1081 used for?

SF 1081 – A 1081 form is used to process adjustments that affect the Dept, FY, BSN, Limit, FSN, or dollar amount. This form is used for transactions that are reported to Treasury and is necessary if the error is discovered after the transaction has been reported to Treasury.

Who is required to prepare a DD form 2665?

What is an SF 1081 used for?

What is a SF 1080 used for?

SF 1080 (Voucher for Transfer Between Appropriations and/or Funds). Use this form to transfer amounts between appropriations and/or funds.

What is a dd1299?

DD 1299, Application for Shipment and/or Storage of Personal Property, September 1998. Page 1. APPLICATION FOR SHIPMENT AND/OR. STORAGE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. (Read Privacy Act Statement on back before completing form.)

What does SF 36 stand for in medical outcomes study?

The SF-36 is a generic patient-reported outcome measure that quantifies health status and measures health-related quality of life. Contact QualityMetric Incorporated for information regarding licensing fees for your institution. 36-item measure divided into 8 subscales and 2 composite domains.

Where did the SF-36 scoring instructions come from?

They were adapted from longer instruments completed by patients participating in the Medical Outcomes Study (MOS), an observational study of variations in physician practice styles and patient outcomes in different systems of health care delivery (Hays & Shapiro, 1992; Stewart, Sherbourne, Hays, et al., 1992).

When to use SF-36 for spinal cord injury?

Lee et al. (2009) recommend that the SF-36 states “walkwheel” to improve responsiveness for patients with spinal cord injury. Severely affected stroke survivors who require a proxy to complete the assessment Some disadvantaged populations, slight declines in reliability may result (Turner-Bowker et al., 2002)

Are there 36 items in the MOS SF-36?

These 36 items, presented here, are identical to the MOS SF-36 described in Ware and Sherbourne (1992).