What is the last quest in Mooshu?

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What is the last quest in Mooshu?

The last quest is “The Key At Last”. You get this quest by talking to the Emperor immediately after defeating Jade Oni. You need to talk to the Emperor BEFORE you leave the Palace, log off, or teleport elsewhere, or you may have to defeat the Jade Oni again. The Emperor will send you to see Professor Armbrose.

How long does it take to complete Mooshu?

Re: Fastest Time to Complete

Days Playing Time
Mooshu 1/2 day 4 hours
Dragonspyre 1 day 8 hours
Celestia 1 day 7 hours
Zafaria 3 days 8 hours

What level should I be at the end of Mooshu?

Re: Best level to enter Mooshu? A good level would be level 30, but levels don’t really matter until you finish Dragonspyre.

What are the wizard101 worlds in order?

Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, Khrysalis. The side worlds are Grizzleheim and Wysteria.

How many levels does Mooshu give?

Mooshu has a total of 88 quests.

How do you beat plague Oni in wizard101?

You need to have access to the dungeon [Shirataki Temple] (through the main storyline) for the sigils to begin glowing. However, you should be able to teleport to a friend inside the dungeon though to battle the Plague Oni. If you’re in Mooshu, use the MooShu Quest Tree to track your progress as it relates to quests.

What level should you finish Marleybone?

I would say between level 33- 35 or higher cause one i think you would want your level 28 and 33 spells so you can get ready for mooshu and also maybe at level 35 so you can have access to most Mooshu clothing.

What quest gets you to Mooshu?

After you finish your Initiate Crafter quest in Marleybone, Felicia Worthington will direct you to talk to Toshio in Jade Palace, Mooshu.

Is Mooshu long wizard101?

make a storm character, then Mooshu will only take 2 1/2 days to complete. I have a life character and Mooshu was Very long to me. Don’t worry, play for about 4-5 hours a day and you’ll be in dragonspyre.