How much does a doula cost in Seattle?

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How much does a doula cost in Seattle?

Certified doula: $1,200-$3,000, depending on experience They have completed the requirements for doula certification, including a doula training course, childbirth education, breastfeeding education, evaluated birth attendance and the certification exam.

How much does a doula cost in Washington state?

Throughout Washington the price range for doulas ranges from $500-$2500 with a median rate of $900.

What is the average cost of a doula?

How much does a doula cost? Depending on experience and level of service provided, costs usually range from $800 to $2000, with student doulas available for much lower rates. The cost usually includes one or more visits during pregnancy and after birth as well as attendance at birth.

Are doulas covered by insurance?

Most health plans do not cover the cost of a doula. There may be a volunteer doula program in your area for women who can’t afford to hire one. And some doulas offer a sliding fee scale, based on what a woman can afford.

How do you price a doula?

The average cost of a doula ranges from $500 (brand new doula) to $3,000 (seasoned doula plus concierge services). Postpartum doulas charge hourly, and their prices could be anywhere between $20-45.

Is a doula really necessary?

“Doulas are important to women because their sole purpose is to provide physical, emotional, and informational support during labor and birth without doing anything medical,” says Ami Burns, a childbirth educator and doula in Chicago and the founder of Birth Talk (

How much does it cost to be a doula in Seattle?

Adeline is primarily available for daytime shifts on weekdays. Postpartum doula services are $50/hour with a 3-hour minimum. Adeline also offers postpartum support planning sessions, and sleep consultation services are also available for babies of any age.

Who is the best doula for first time parents?

Adeline specializes in supporting LGBTQ families, first time parents, birth after loss, home waterbirth, autonomous birth, twins and multiples, and unmedicated births in hospital settings. Birth doula services are $2400. Contact Adeline to discuss sliding scale options. Schedule a consultation here to discuss birth doula services.

How long has triple moon been a doula?

You also receive continuous access to the knowledge she’s attained over 9 years and 225+ births with all major Seattle area hospitals, birth centers, and home midwifery groups, along with her skills with rebozo, Spinning Babies, TENS unit, and HypnoBirthing.

Who is the best doula for postpartum care?

–Calsee H. As your postpartum doula, Adeline provides expert newborn care, help with household chores and errands, and gives empathic support as someone who’s been there. She specializes in supporting effective rest and recovery for you, while protecting your breastfeeding relationship and milk supply.