Who is the current president of Nauru?

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Who is the current president of Nauru?

Lionel Aingimea

When was Lionel Aingimea elected?

Lionel Aingimea
Assumed office 27 August 2019
Deputy Martin Hunt Maverick Eoe
Preceded by Baron Waqa
Assistant Minister for Justice and Border Control

Who is the Minister of finance in Nauru?

Martin Hunt
Martin Hunt – Minister for Finance – Nauru Government | LinkedIn.

Who won the presidential election of the Pacific nation Nauru in August 2019?

President of Nauru

President of the Republic of Nauru President Repubrik Naoero
Incumbent Lionel Aingimea since 27 August 2019
Residence State House Anetan District
Appointer Parliament of Nauru
Term length Three years renewable, can be removed by a majority of Parliament

Who is the head of state in Vanuatu?

Tallis Obed Moses
Vanuatu is a multiparty parliamentary democracy with a freely elected government. The president is head of state. Parliament elected Tallis Obed Moses president in July 2017. Following a snap election in 2016, which observers considered generally free and fair, parliament elected Charlot Salwai as prime minister.

What is the government of Nauru?

Parliamentary republicNon-partisan democracy

What language do they speak in Nauru?

Nauru/Official languages

Who is the head of government in Nauru?

His Excellency Lionel Rouwen AINGIMEA , MP assumed office on 27 August, 2019. The Office of the President is the highest office in government. The president of Nauru is the Head of Government and Head of State and is elected by the 18 members of parliament.

Who is the current president of Nauru Australia?

Following elections on 24 August 2019, His Excellency Lionel Aingimea was appointed as President. Australia enjoys good relations with Nauru and is its largest trade, investment and development assistance partner. The Australian Government upgraded its mission in Nauru from consulate-general to high commission in August 2009.

Who is the Chancellor of the University of Nauru?

The Chancellor is the titular head of the University. The current Chancellor is the President of the Republic of Nauru, His Excellency Lionel Rouwen Aingimea who will serve a term from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. President Aingimea was born in Nauru and studied Bachelor of Law at USP.

Who is the ambassador for women and girls in Nauru?

June 2018: The Ambassador for Women and Girls, Dr Sharman Stone, visited Nauru to meet Nauruan gender-equality ‘champions’ from across government, NGOs and the private sector, and discuss proposed initiatives to be delivered under the new gender country plan for Nauru.