Which is the only FIFA World Cup to have been won by Argentina?

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Which is the only FIFA World Cup to have been won by Argentina?

The FIFA U-17 World Cup is the only FIFA international competition yet to be won by Argentina. *Denotes wins/losses include knockout matches decided on penalty kicks. **Gold background color indicates that the tournament was won. Red border color indicates tournament was held on home soil.

When did Argentina play the Netherlands in the World Cup?

1978 v the Netherlands. Argentina hosted the 1978 edition of the World Cup and reached the final. The Netherlands had already played the previous final in West Germany 1974 – and also lost to the hosts.

When was the First World Cup held in South America?

Uruguay hosted the inaugural tournament in 1930 and the competition was supposed to be alternated between Europe and South America. FIFA still hadn’t made the decision between Germany and Brazil when European hostilities broke out in September 1939, after the German troops invaded Poland. This was the start of the Second World War.

Why did Argentina not win the World Cup in 1978?

A controversial fact surrounding the 1978 World Cup was that Argentina had suffered a military coup only two years before the cup, a coup known as the National Reorganization Process. Less than a year before the World Cup, in September 1977, Interior Minister General Albano Harguindeguy, stated that 5,618 people had recently disappeared.

Which is the best World Cup ever?

  • 1950. World Soccer puts the 1950 World Cup match between Uruguay and Brazil on its list of the greatest World Cup matches of all time.
  • North Korea stunned the world by beating Italy.
  • 1966.
  • 1970.
  • 1970.

    What are the best teams in the World Cup?

    Best World Cup Teams 2018: Goalkeepers. Two of the world’s best, Neuer and ter Stegen. With Bayern Munich’s No. 1, Barcelona’s No. 1, Paris Saint-Germain’s No. 1, Liverpool ’s No. 1 and a collection of other starters in the Bundesliga , Germany is absolutely stacked at the goalkeeper position.

    How many World Cups did Messi play for Argentina?

    Messi has played at four World Cups with Argentina and was named the tournament’s best player in 2014, but the 31-year-old said he did not know if he would be fit enough for the rigours of a fifth…