What is the square vocabulary?

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What is the square vocabulary?

A square is a figure with four equal sides and four right angles. It’s a popular shape for windows and record albums, among many other things. Square has many different metaphorical uses. In math, a square is the product of something multiplied by itself. If you square your plans with someone, you line them up.

What are four square notes?

Break notes into four sections. There are many applications for this generic notes form including: sequencing, steps to solving problems, story illustrations, eliciting prior knowledge, and main idea above with details below.

What is a four square analysis?

The Four Square Strategy is a graphic organizer activity that helps students visually map out a “chunk” of writing. Borrowing from “old school” pedagogical vernacular, a “chunk” of text consists of an opinion, evidence, and commentary to explain how it fits together.

What are the original rules of 4 square?


  • Server (King) must put one foot behind the service line.
  • Everyone must Hit UNDERHAND.
  • Ball must bounce ONCE and only ONCE in your square before your strike it (including on the serve)
  • If someone makes a mistake you rotate up and that person goes to the back of the line (outside the #1 square)

What are the rules for 4 square?

Each player needs to hit the ball with any part of his/her hand into an opposing player’s square after it has bounced only once in their his/her square. If the ball lands on a line, or goes out of bounds before it bounces, the player who hit the ball needs to return to the waiting/cheering line for another try.

How is the four square strategy used in vocabulary?

The Four-Square Strategy is a technique that helps readers learn and remember vocabulary words. To practice the Four-Square Strategy, draw a large square on a fresh page of your vocabulary notebook and divide the square into four smaller squares.

How often should you use the four square method?

Only have students use this method on three or four words per chapter list, and engage them in other means of vocabulary instruction with the rest of the list. Using this method sparingly is important, because students will tire and create sloppy work if they are expected to create fifty four-squares for their list of fifty words.

How are the squares divided in the four square method?

As the title implies, the four-square method first involves a student drawing a box (it should take up half of their notebook paper) and dividing that box into four, even squares. The first square should be labeled (at the top) “synonyms”, the next square “antonyms”, the third square “drawing”, and finally, the fourth square is labeled “sentence”.

How to use four square strategy to define key?

In the middle circle, write the word ”gazelle.” In the top left square, write your own definition, perhaps ”a graceful, big-eyed deer found in African and Asia.” In the top right square, use the word in a sentence like ”The gazelle ran swiftly through the grass, trying very hard to get away from the lion before it became the lion’s supper.”