Why is there a debate about the Electoral College?

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Why is there a debate about the Electoral College?

This apparent disconnect between the democratic ideal of the people playing a direct role in government and the reality of the system in practice has fueled the continuing debate over the Electoral College, and led many people over the years to echo Jackson’s call to abolish it.

Is the Electoral College winner take all system unintended?

All of the states now award their electoral votes based on the votes of citizens, rather than on the votes of the state legislatures, as many once did. Just because the winner-take-all system is unintended doesn’t mean there isn’t an argument for it.

Is the Electoral College specified in the Constitution?

It’s not specified in the Constitution. Most states didn’t award their electors on a winner-take-all basis in the first presidential elections, and even today there are two states that do not: Nebraska and Maine, which award some electoral votes by congressional district.

Why are there swing states in the Electoral College?

“America’s auto industry — auto industry — auto industry” At least in part because it’s located mostly in swing states, like Michigan and Ohio, states whose electoral votes he needed to win. The reason we even have swing states is because almost all states award their electoral votes using a winner-take-all system.

Why is the Electoral College so often counter to the majority?

It largely misses the real reason the Electoral College so often produces results counter to the majority: The winner takes all within most states. You get all of Michigan’s electoral votes whether you win by one vote or a million votes.

How does the Electoral College work to elect a president?

Once a handful more states join, Americans will elect the president under a system that treats every vote equally and guarantees that the candidate with the most votes is the candidate who goes to the White House. Christopher Pearson is a second-term Vermont senator.

Are there any weaknesses in the Electoral College?

Another potential weakness in the Electoral College system is the existence of so-called “faithless electors,” who for whatever reason choose to vote against their state’s chosen candidate.

What was the solution to the Electoral College debate?

This ugly debate was resolved with the so-called “three-fifths compromise,” by which each black person would count as three-fifths of a person when determining congressional representation for each state by population.