Who has the best NBA record in the West right now?

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Who has the best NBA record in the West right now?


Team Conf Record against conference opponents
1 Utah – z 28-14
2 Phoenix – y 30-12
3 Denver – x 26-16

Who has the best record in the NBA Eastern Conference?

NBA Conference Standings

Eastern Conference
W Conf
1 xyz-Philadelphia 49 31-11
2 x-Brooklyn 48 26-16
3 xy-Milwaukee 46 30-12

Who are the Eastern Conference leaders in the NBA?

NBA Standings for East, West conference and 2021 Playoffs Position Team W L GB 1 Philadelphia 76ers 39 17 – 2 Brooklyn Nets 38 18 1.0 3 Milwaukee Bucks 35 20 3.5 4 Atlanta Hawks 30 26 9.0

What was the worst officiated Game in NBA history?

In the waning moments of Game 5 of the 1993 Eastern Conference Finals, Charles Smith was blocked four times on potential game-winning layups. The controversy here is that many people believe Smith was fouled on at least one and as many as three times in that sequence. There appears to be contact particularly on the fourth attempt.

Which is the best playoff position in the NBA?

In this circumstance, the team with the best winning percentage or point differential under the criterion will be awarded the best playoff position, the team with the next-best winning percentage or point differential will be awarded the next-best playoff position, and so on, and no further application of the tie-break criteria will be required.

When did the NBA split into two conferences?

This list only includes the championships since the 1970-71 season, when the NBA divided the teams in two conferences. Previously the league had 2 divisions but no conferences (with the exception of the 1949-50 season when the NBA had 3 divisions).