What does Google DeepMind do?

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What does Google DeepMind do?

Overview. The DeepMind for Google (DMG) team applies DeepMind’s cutting-edge research to Google products and infrastructure used by millions of people. We are mainly based in London and Mountain View, California, and work on a variety of applications for machine learning.

Who is the owner of DeepMind?

Alphabet Inc.
DeepMind/Parent organizations

Which company started DeepMind?

Demis Hassabis
Mustafa SuleymanShane Legg

Does DeepMind make money?

According to its annual report filed with the U.K.’s Companies House register, DeepMind has more than doubled its revenue, raking in £266 million in 2019, up from £103 million in 2018. But the company’s expenses continue to grow as well, increasing from £568 million in 2018 to £717 million in 2019.

Did AlphaGo lose on purpose?

After three days of self-play using hugely powerful computer systems that let it play games at superhuman speeds, AlphaGo Zero was able to defeat its predecessor 100 games to nil. DeepMind said at the time that AlphaGo Zero was likely the strongest Go player in history.

Does Google own DeepMind?

DeepMind was acquired by Google in 2014 for around $600 million. Today, the company relies on a steady stream of capital from parent firm Alphabet.

Who is the CEO of DeepMind?


Type of business Subsidiary
Founder(s) Demis Hassabis Shane Legg Mustafa Suleyman
CEO Demis Hassabis
General manager Lila Ibrahim
Industry Artificial intelligence

Is Google an AI company?

Google AI is a division of Google dedicated to artificial intelligence….Google AI.

Industry Artificial intelligence
Founded 2017
Owner Google
Website www.ai.google

What is the 1st product of DeepMind?

In October 2015, a computer Go program called AlphaGo, developed by DeepMind, beat the European Go champion Fan Hui, a 2 dan (out of 9 dan possible) professional, five to zero. This was the first time an artificial intelligence (AI) defeated a professional Go player.

What is DeepMind doing now?

In October 2017, DeepMind launched a new research team to investigate AI ethics. In December 2019, Co-founder Suleyman announced he would be leaving DeepMind to join Google, working in a policy role.

How much did AlphaGo cost to train?

By one estimate, the training time for AlphaGo cost $35 million; the same estimate likened the amount of energy used to the energy consumed by 12,760 human brains running continuously for three days without sleep.

How does the DeepMind team do their research?

The DeepMind Research team brings together multidisciplinary, collaborative teams to develop cutting-edge AI research. By combining extraordinary intellectual freedom and scientific rigour with access to top resources and a structured, supportive culture, we have established an unparalleled track record of AI breakthroughs.

What does Edward do for the DeepMind team?

Edward helps organise the research team and contributes to research efforts. He runs the Research Engineering Intern programme and develops agents that learn to collaborate. “DeepMind is a great place to learn from world-leading experts who are eager to share their knowledge.”

What kind of learning system does DeepMind use?

General purpose learning systems must be able to cope with the richness and complexity of the real world. These topics drive the control and robotics teams at DeepMind, which aim to create mechanical systems that can learn how to perform complex manipulation tasks with minimal prior knowledge.

Why is DeepMind important to science and humanity?

We’re committed to solving intelligence, to advance science and humanity. To help combat racism and advance racial equity, we’ve made donations to organisations that support Black communities in… Sports analytics is in the midst of a remarkably important era, offering interesting opportunities for AI researchers…