Who owns Trapstar?

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Who owns Trapstar?

Mikey Trapstar –
Mikey Trapstar – Co Founder/managing director – Trapstar clothing | LinkedIn.

Who is the CEO of Trapstar?

Mikey Trapstar – Co-Founder – Trapstar London | LinkedIn.

Does Jay-Z own Trapstar?

Trapstar is one of the UK’s most successful fashion exports. Trapstar was also the first fashion brand to be signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. “Everything we do comes from an organic relationship we have with these artists,” explains Mikey.

Does Stormzy own Trapstar?

In 2008, three school friends from west London started making their own T-shirts and selling them at Portobello Market. Now Trapstar is a global fashion brand, worn by stars like Rhianna, Jay-Z and Stormzy.

Why is Trapstar called Trapstar?

What followed was a coming-of-age conversation with Lee’s stepfather, who described them as ​“hood celebrities trapped in the system”. Unsettled by his comment, Mikey challenged him by responding with, ​“There’s a star trapped in all of us.” In that moment, the brand gained its moniker and Trapstar as a label was born.

How old is Trapstar?

The 26-year-old had bragged in a 2017 rap: “Weight (drugs) in this trap and I’ll be done if feds raid it, I’m one step ahead I ain’t complacent.”

How did Trapstar get its name?

What time does Trapstar drop?

Trapstar London on Twitter: “Saturday 12PM.

Does Trapstar restock?

A large portion of our products will never be restocked, so grab it whilst you can.

Does Trapstar ship to Canada?

We ship to over 100 countries around the world including North America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. International duties and taxes are determined by the shipping address entered at checkout. If taxes and duties are included in the price of your order this will be mentioned at checkout.

What courier does Trapstar use?

Which couriers do you use? For UK deliveries we use DPD. For European deliveries, we use a mixture of DPD and DHL. For all deliveries outside of Europe, we use DHL.

Can I cancel a Trapstar order?

You will receive an order confirmation email a few minutes after you place your order. You will receive a tracking number by email once your order has been shipped. Order changes and cancellations. You can request an order change or cancellation by contacting our customer support team via email.