Did Georgia certify the special election?

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Did Georgia certify the special election?

Atlanta – Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp today certified the results for the February 5 Special Runoff Election in the 11th State Senate District and the 21st State House District. Brian Kemp has been Secretary of State since January, 2010.

Who won the special election in Georgia in 1948?

1948 Georgia gubernatorial special election

Nominee Herman Talmadge Melvin E. Thompson
Party Democratic Democratic
Electoral vote 312 98
Popular vote 357,865 312,035
Percentage 51.77% 45.14%

What office controls elections in Georgia?

The Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s Office organizes and oversees all election activity, including voter registration, municipal, state, county, and federal elections.

What was the white primary in Georgia?

To strengthen the exclusion of minorities from the political system, Texas, Georgia and some other states established white primaries, a “selectively inclusive” system that permitted only whites to vote in the primaries.

Who needs a business license in GA?

The state of Georgia does not require a general business license. Once you have obtained a valid business tax certificate, your business may legally operate throughout all of Georgia.

What are the duties of the secretary of state in Georgia?

The Georgia Secretary of State registers voters, tracks annual corporate filings, grants professional licenses, and oversees the state’s securities’ market.

Who is the senator for Georgia in 2020?

The 2020–21 United States Senate special election in Georgia was held on November 3, 2020 and on January 5, 2021 (as a runoff), to elect the Class III member of the United States Senate to represent the State of Georgia. Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated appointed incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler.

Who are the candidates for the 6th District in Georgia?

Georgia’s 6th congressional district special election, 2017. Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff in the runoff vote, 51.8% to 48.2%. Handel succeeded Tom Price, who resigned from the seat following his confirmation as United States Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Trump Administration.

When do absentee ballots have to be mailed in Georgia?

Military and overseas voters will have an additional set of absentee ballots mailed to them with their regular ballots — ranked choice instant-runoff ballots. Georgia’s runoffs will now be four weeks long instead of nine weeks, but federal law requires ballots to those voters be sent out by 45 days before a federal election.