What was the result of the 1854 congressional elections?

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What was the result of the 1854 congressional elections?

1854 and 1855 United States House of Representatives elections

Seats won 83 51
Seat change 69 51
Popular vote 1,418,553 631,510
Percentage 43.95% 19.56%
Swing 5.87% 19.25%

What was Congress in 2010?

111th United States Congress
House Majority Democratic
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D)
1st: January 6, 2009 – December 24, 2009 2nd: January 5, 2010 – December 22, 2010

What did the Supreme Court decision prigg V Pennsylvania deal with quizlet?

Pennsylvania (1842) The Supreme Court agreed, stating the state law was unconstitutional because the Constitution gave the federal government exclusive power to to legislate fugitive slave. …

Who was elected to the House of Representatives in 2010?

John Boehner. Republican. The 2010 United States House of Representatives elections were held November 2, 2010 as part of the 2010 midterm elections during President Barack Obama’s first term in office. Voters of the 50 U.S. states chose 435 U.S. Representatives.

Why was the American electorate angry in 2010?

As the economy continued to struggle and as high levels of unemployment and underemployment persisted, much of the American electorate was commonly characterized as angry.

When did the sitting president lose his seat in the House?

Although the sitting U.S. President’s party usually loses seats in a midterm election, the 2010 election resulted in the highest losses by a party in a House midterm election since 1938, and the largest House swing since 1948.

What was the foreign policy of the United States in 2011?

American foreign policy was tested by the huge changes that were taking place early in 2011 in the Middle East, where popular uprisings led to regime change in Tunisia ( see Jasmine Revolution) and Egypt ( see Egypt Uprising of 2011) and to widespread demonstrations aimed at achieving government reform throughout the region.