What cassettes are compatible with XD driver?

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What cassettes are compatible with XD driver?

The SRAM version XD drivers are compatible with SRAM hubs only. Many hub manufacturers offer XD compatible drivers for their hubs currently. The SRAM 10-42 and 10-50 XG level cassettes are 11 and 12 speed specific, and require an XD driver body compatible wheelset in order to mount to a rear hub.

Are all XD drivers the same?

they are all the same as far as the cogs are concerned, they have the xd interface for mounting the cassette. you should get the one made by the same brand as your rear hub.

What driver does SRAM use?

SRAM offers the use of XD and XDR interfaces and trademarks to companies that conform to the technical specifications of the designs and agree to abide by the terms of our license agreement. Currently, 86 companies have been granted licenses to make hubs and wheelsets that incorporate either XD or XDR drivers.

Is SRAM XD compatible with Shimano?

The SRAM XD driver and cassette works with existing Shimano-type cassette tools. Removal of a SRAM XD-compatible cassette is no different to regular cassettes either, with a chain whip and lockring tool needed, with the process the same too.

What is XD compatible?

A Versatile Cassette Mounting Platform for Everyone The XD interface is designed for mountain bike applications and maintains the same hub spacing and flange locations used for 8, 9, and 10-speed compatible HyperGlide freehub bodies. The XDR interface is 1.85mm longer than XD and is designed for road hub applications.

Is SRAM GX or NX better?

The NX groupset is a bit more of a budget-minded groupset, offering a crazy price-to-performance ratio. SRAM’s GX groupset is focused more on higher-end customers who are looking to pay more to save some weight on their bike, and they also offer a bit more performance than the budget-oriented NX groupset.

Does SRAM NX use XD driver?

Our review The NX cassette uses Shimano’s HyperGlide (HG) freehub body instead of SRAM’s XD Driver found on the rest of the brand’s 12-speed cassettes. This means the cassette’s range is only 11-50t compared to 10-52t for the more expensive XD versions.

Why did SRAM come up with the XD driver?

If you’ve ever read about SRAM’s 1×11 groupset options ( including the new Force and Rival road setups ), you’ll likely have seen reference to an ‘XD Driver’. Simply put, this alternative freehub design came about from SRAM wanting a cassette cog smaller than an 11T – the smallest that common Shimano-type rear wheel freehubs can fit.

How big is the hope XD-11 hub cap?

Hope XD-11 Freehub Bodies For 12×135 or 150mm hubs Includes 12mm drive side end cap Contains drive side end cap, bearings and driver Item Specifications Fits Pro 2 Evo Hope XD-11 Freehub Body EAN: 5055168051222

What should I use to remove SRAM XD cassette?

With this, the use of a torque wrench is highly recommended to achieve the tightening torque of 40nm (this is pretty high). Removal of a SRAM XD-compatible cassette is no different to regular cassettes either, with a chain whip and lockring tool needed, with the process the same too.

Can a Shimano xd be used on a SRAM hub?

XD was designed to work with existing hub axle designs, ratchet mechanisms and bearing placements and so many wheel brands have since created XD freehub bodies to retrofit to existing rear wheel and hub models. Shimano does not offer XD-compatabile drivers.