What is a good sentence for Deport?

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What is a good sentence for Deport?

Deport sentence example This is one of the only known countries to actually deport citizens over the age of 18 who are recognized as “intentionally illiterate.” Mrs ay said she had never slept well all the time she has been in Europe, always fearing the police would deport her.

What does it mean to deport someone from a country?

Deporting means being deported by the relevant security units. If your visa has expired or you have broken the law at your foreign destination, you may be deported. People can also be deported for political reasons.

Whats does deported mean?

1 : to go away or go away from : leave They departed school for home. 2 : to turn away from Do not depart from your chosen path. depart this life. : die entry 1 sense 1. depart.

Who killed Philip Laurence?

Learco Chindamo
The killer of head teacher Philip Lawrence is to be released from prison, the Parole Board has said. Learco Chindamo, 33, was 15 years old when he murdered the father of four outside St George’s School in Maida Vale, north west London, in 1995.

What is meaning of deportation in law?

1. the act of expelling an alien from a country; expulsion. 2. the act of transporting someone from his or her country; banishment.

What are common reasons for deportation?

Here are some of the common causes of deportation.

  • Failure to Obey the Terms of Your Visa or Otherwise Maintain Your Status.
  • Failure to Advise USCIS of Change of Address.
  • Commission of a Crime.
  • Violation of U.S. Immigration Laws.
  • Receiving Public Assistance.
  • Getting Help.

Can a deported person come back?

Once you have been deported, the United States government will bar you from returning for five, ten, or 20 years, or even permanently. Generally speaking, most deportees carry a 10-year ban.

What does depar mean?


Acronym Definition
DEPAR Degisen Türkiye Partisi (Changing Turkey Party)

Can we use departure instead of death?

A departure can be a metaphor too, as in a departure from the norm, like if a TV cop show suddenly turns into a vampire show. If a comedian starts being serious, that’s a departure too. This word is also a euphemism for death, as in “a departure from life.”

What is Philip Lawrence Instagram?

Philip Lawrence Brazil 🇧🇷 (@phillawrencebrazil) • Instagram photos and videos.