Why is cyber bullying considered to be a crime?

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Why is cyber bullying considered to be a crime?

Any sort of abuse or harassment, be it direct or indirect, that leads to such grave consequences such as suicide or murder or any other kind of harm to any individual should be considered criminal. And since, cyber bullying is Cyberbullying is a Crime-Persuasive Speech “95% of all teens, ages 12 through 17 are now online…” (Meier).

Is it a crime to bully a child in school?

Children at schools often times encounter bullying in schools and play areas. They either fall victim to it, initiate it, or serve as mere spectators to the incident. But can it be readily called as a crime for the cops to come in once bullying takes place or is it just a natural phase in one kid’s life that can be managed?

Is it a crime to bully someone on the Internet?

The bullies should get some type of punishment no matter what age they are and the victim should be offered help. Cyberbullying is known as bullying with words, pictures, video, or anything that people do through the Internet. The Merriam Webster

When is bullying or cyberbullying worth being arrested?

Don’t think it’s not a crime if any of these bullying or cyberbullying events occur on school grounds! They can be considered criminal acts! Think about it is bullying or cyberbullying worth being arrested and going to jail?

Should bullies be punished?

Bullying is not okay and bullies should be punished for their actions. Taking action and punishing bullies is the only way to prevent and try to stop bullying before it leads to something horrible.

Should cyberbullying be criminalized?

Although criminalizing a citizen for cyberbullying technically goes against the first amendment of the constitution, it should be criminalized because evidence exists that it leads to depression and even suicide.

Why is cyberbullying bad?

Cyber bullying is bad because it desensitized the bully to the damage they are causing while the bullied is personally attacked and left to deal with the fallout on their own because they alone are sitting at their computer and seeing the attack.

Why is cyberbullying important?

Overall, cyberbullying is significant because it affects the emotional and psychological wellbeing of children & teenagers worldwide. If those who are bullied fight back, skip school (to avoid facing the bully in person), or become bullies themselves – it’s possible that the issue can escalate.