Who is the senator for California?

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Who is the senator for California?

Alex Padilla (Democratic Party)
Dianne Feinstein (Democratic Party)

Who are your two US Minnesota senators?

Its current U.S. senators are Democrats Amy Klobuchar (since 2007) and Tina Smith (since 2018).

Who are the two black U.S. senators?

List of African-American U.S. senators

Senator State Party
Carol Moseley Braun (born 1947) Illinois Democratic
Barack Obama (born 1961) Illinois Democratic
Roland Burris (born 1937) Illinois Democratic
Tim Scott (born 1965) South Carolina Republican

How many senators are in U.S. history?

Since the U.S. Congress convened on March 4, 1789, 12,415 individuals have served as Representatives, Senators, or in both capacities. There have been 10,421 Members who served only as Representatives, 1,314 Members who served only in the Senate, and 680 Members with service in both chambers.

Who is the oldest current US Senator?

Democrat Dianne Feinstein of California is the oldest sitting U.S. senator. If she’s reelected this year, she’ll be 92 at the end of her new term. Florida’s senior senator, Bill Nelson, is turning 76 and will be 82 if he beats Rick Scott and is reelected in November.

What is a Class 2 Senate?

Class 2. Class 2 U.S. Senators belong to the electoral cycle that were elected for the first two United States Congresses in the first election of 1788/1789, and the seat was next contested again for the 3rd, 6th, and every three Congresses (six years) thereafter.

Who are the Black US Senators?

The first two African-American senators represented the state of Mississippi during the Reconstruction Era, following the American Civil War. Hiram Rhodes Revels, the first African American to serve, was elected by the Mississippi State Legislature to succeed Albert G. Brown, who resigned during the Civil War.

Who is one of your States US Senators?

The state’s current U.S. Senators are Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally, both serving since 2019, making it one of nine states to have a split United States Senate delegation.