How much does Ronaldo win a year?

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How much does Ronaldo win a year?

2021 The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes Earnings His four-year contract with Juventus is worth an average of $64 million a year and expires in 2022. Ronaldo, a five-time FIFA player of the year, in 2020 became the first active team-sport athlete to surpass $1 billion in career earnings.

How much money does Messi get a year?

71 million EUR (2021)
Lionel Messi/Salary

How much money does Cristiano Ronaldo make a week?

Cristiano Ronaldo. Born: 05/02/1985. Each week Ronaldo earns £274,000 – that’s an incredible £1,631 per hour – at 45p per second it wouldn’t take long for Cristiano to earn what the average UK worker does in an hour!

How long does it take Cristiano Ronaldo to earn an iPhone?

If Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to upgrade to the latest iPhone, it would take just 1 hour, 28 minutes and 18 seconds to afford this £2,400 Gold iPhone 6! It would take Cristiano Ronaldo just 6 days, 9 hours, 17 minutes and 5 seconds to earn what Barack Obama earns in one year!

How big is the House of Cristiano Ronaldo?

The property of the football player has an area of 798 square meters and is a one-story building. Inside, in addition to the above rooms, there are eight bathrooms and a children’s room. CR7 has an another $7.2 million penthouse in New York, USA. Cristiano Ronaldo: Welcome to my house! – YouTube Cristiano Ronaldo: Welcome to my house!

How long does it take Cristiano Ronaldo to buy a diamond ring?

To treat the lady in his life, Cristiano Ronaldo could buy this £1,750,000 diamond ring. It would take him 44 days, 16 hours, 59 minutes and 34 seconds to afford it, mind. If Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to splash out on a new suit for the end of season presentation, it would take him just 15 days, 7 hours and 53 minutes to afford this £600,000 suit!

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo’s current girlfriend?

Cristiano Ronaldo is amongst the richest athletes in the globe and the Juventus forward lives a life of luxury with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. The duo have been pictured at some exotic locations as they enjoyed a break after the delayed end of the 2019-20 season.

Why did Cristiano and Irina break up?

It is because of the love possessed by Ronaldo to his mom. Irina once disrespected his mother by not attending a party and afterwards abusing her. Ronaldo never liked this because he knew the pain his mother took to grew him up. So he left Irina.

Will Ronaldo leave Real Madrid?

CRISTIANO RONALDO TO LEAVE REAL MADRID. Spanish TV via ” La Sexta ” channel & its afternoon “Sports News” has confirmed that CRISTIANO RONALDO will be leaving REAL MADRID CF .

What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth?

Cristiano Ronaldo has quickly rose to international stardom with football (soccer). He became dedicated to the sport at an early age and focused his life on playing professional football. His net worth is reflective of his skill, dedication, and abilities. As of 2019, Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth is estimated at $450 million.