What type of cheese is Valencay?

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What type of cheese is Valencay?

Goat cheese
Valençay cheese/Cheese type
Valençay is one of the classic French mold-ripened chèvres from the Loire Valley in France. This young goat’s milk cheese is distinguished by its truncated pyramid form, and its layer of ash underlying its surface’s bloomy white rind.

Where is Valencay cheese made?

central France
Valençay is a cheese made in the province of Berry in central France. Its name is derived from the town of Valençay in the Indre department. Distinctive in its truncated pyramidal shape, Valençay is an unpasteurised goats-milk cheese weighing 200–250 grams (7.1–8.8 oz) and around 7 cm (2.8 in) in height.

What does Valencay taste like?

taste: Like other Loire goat’s-milk cheeses, Valençay combines definite acidity with definite salt; the young cheese has a fresh, clean taste with an acidity that can seem lemony, along with something nutty and something vegetal that might be fresh hay.

How do you pronounce valencay?


How do you cut Valencay cheese?

Once the portion of cheese is in your plate, cut a smaller piece with your knife, place it (still with the knife) on a small piece of bread you have just torn away from your bread slice, and balance the cheese on the bread till it reaches your mouth.

When should you cut cheese?

Cheese is easier to cut when it’s cold, because that’s when it’s less sticky, but you should never serve it straight from the refrigerator because cold temperature can mask the flavor. Instead, and as a general rule, Polowsky recommends leaving it out at room temperature for an hour or so before serving.

What does someone cut the cheese mean?

Filters. (US, idiomatic, euphemistic, slang) To flatulate. Hey, who cut the cheese?

What does Becky cut the cheese mean?

(Slang) to release intestinal gas.

What kind of cheese is Valencay made of?

This cheese comes in two types: the one coated with wood ash and produced on farms is called Valençay Fermier while the other coated with vegetable ash and made in dairies or industries is called Valençay Laitier. Valençay is an unpasteurised goats-milk cheese.

When is the best time to buy Valencay cheese?

It is available usually between March and December, with peak manufacture between April and August. Valençay cheese used to have a shape of a perfect pyramid with a pointed top.

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