What frequency is CBC Radio 2 in Toronto?

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What frequency is CBC Radio 2 in Toronto?

91.3 FM
List of radio stations

Call sign Frequency Owner
CBQT-FM-2 91.3 FM CBC Radio One
CFMP-FM 107.7 FM My Broadcasting Corporation
CKTE-FM 89.9 FM Aroland Community Radio
CBQI-FM 90.1 FM CBC Radio One

What frequency is CBC Radio Toronto?

CBC Radio One Toronto, CBLR-FM 89.9 FM, Parry Sound, Canada | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

What is the frequency for CBC radio?

CBC Channels and Frequencies

CBC Radio One
Banff 96.3 FM Bonnyville 92.9 FM Calgary 1010 AM
Calgary 99.1 FM Chateh 103.5 FM Coutts/Milk River 90.9 FM
Crowsnest Pass 102.3 FM Edmonton 740 AM Edmonton 93.9 FM
Edson 95.3 FM Etzikom 92.1 FM Exshaw 100.7 FM

What is the most listened to radio station in Toronto?

CBC Radio One is the most listened to station overall.

What station is CBC Radio 2 in Edmonton?

The following is a list of radio stations in the Canadian province of Alberta, as of 2020….Radio stations.

Call sign CBX-FM-2
Frequency 93.9 FM
City of Licence Edmonton
Owner CBC Radio One
Format public news/talk

Why is CBC radio not working?

If you are experiencing a problem with CBC Radio over-the-air reception please call us toll free at 1-866-306-4636 and press “1” to report the issue so that we can investigate. You may want to check with neighbours or another radio connection in your house to see if the problem is widespread.

How old is Stephen Quinn CBC?

“It’s a real legacy thing,” says the 55-year-old Ontario native, who joined CBC in 2000 after several years with CKNW.

What is the most listened to radio station in Canada?

In total average minute audience (anglo and franco combined) it had its best book since 2018.

  • 98.5fm remains top-rated among francophones, and once again claims to be the most listened-to station in Canada.
  • ICI Radio-Canada Première remains mostly stable, though lost some ground against 98.5.