How much does an Atlas transfer case cost?

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How much does an Atlas transfer case cost?

Advanced Adapters Atlas 2 Speed Transfer Case – Starting at $2,620.

How much does an Atlas transfer case weight?

110 lbs.
Atlas is the ultimate gear driven transfer case. CASE: Material: 356-T6 Heat Treated Aluminum Weight: 110 lbs.

How much torque can an Atlas transfer case handle?

The first part is the planetary reduction assembly which is mated directly to the main case. The planetary reduction assembly is a New Process Gear design – the same used in the NP241-HD transfer case. This assembly has been rated to withstand 5,555 ft./lbs. of torque, and up to 11,000 lbs.

How long is a Atlas transfer case?

about 14 inches long
A basic Atlas is about 14 inches long, while a short tail version is about 12. Adapter thickness varies a little depending on the transmission but, generally speaking, is only a couple of inches.

What is a 3 speed transfer case?

A: The “3 speed” TC has a lower low range gear ratio, giving you an slightly lower crawl ratio. The “4 speed” case has a 1.999 low range ratio as opposed to a 2.313 low range in the “3 speed”. Both cases have a 1:1 high range in their stock form.

What is an Atlas transfer case?

This transfer case was designed for the off road enthusiast that likes to tackle a large variety of terrain with one vehicle. Selecting one low range ratio that works well for mud, sand and rock crawling, is a compromise but the Atlas 4sp overcomes this limitation.

What is divorced transfer case?

A divorced or independent transfer case is completely separate from the transmission. It is located further down the driveline than a married transfer case and connected to the transmission output shaft by a short driveshaft.

Can you drive with a broken transfer case?

Should you drive your car with a bad transfer case? Driving your car with a bad transfer case is a bad idea. If you continue to drive with a transfer case that has a serious mechanical problem, you could destroy it beyond the point of repair, and possibly damage your transmission, driveshafts and axles in the process.

Does a transfer case do anything in 2WD?

Two-wheel transmissions have no transfer case. However, some vehicles like the two-wheel drive Ford Bronco II, have a dummy transfer case to ease conversion to four-wheel drive by only requiring a new output shaft.

What’s the best Atlas 2 speed transfer case?

Advance Adapters Atlas 2 Speed Transfer cases are the industry standard with well over 10,000 units sold and are the perfect choice for rock crawling, desert racing, or mud bogging. They are rated to handle the most severe off-road abuse in their standard form, however, competition-grade components are available for those…

What kind of tailhousing does Atlas transfer case have?

The standard Atlas transfer case comes with a rear tailhousing that accepts an ’87 and newer Jeep speedometer or the Atlas mechanical speedometer and allows you to calibrate your speedometer for tire and gearing changes.

What do you need to know about Atlas T case?

All Atlas transfer cases are custom built to order by Advance Adapters in the exact configuration that you need with the specific internal component and accessories that you choose. The first of many choices you need to make when ordering an Atlas T-Case is selecting the appropriate gear set.

How many gearing options does a 2 speed Atlas have?

Since there are numerous engine, transmission, and axle combinations, the need for various transfer case gearing options has increased. The 2 speed Atlas transfer case now has 6 different low gearing options to suit the needs of your driving habits and your drivetrain components.