What is a ContentControl?

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What is a ContentControl?

The ContentControl can contain any type of common language runtime object (such as a string or a DateTime object) or a UIElement object (such as a Rectangle or a Panel). This enables you to add rich content to controls such as Button and CheckBox. A Panel control that contains other UIElement objects.

What is ContentControl WPF?

Content Control is a base class that provides standardised functionality to WPF Controls. The Content Control class represents controls that can include a single item of content. This content is commonly plain text or a child control. Content Control is a subclass of the Control class in WPF.

What’s the difference between ContentControl and ContentPresenter?

What is difference between ContentControl and ContentPresenter? ContentControl is a base class for controls that contain other elements and have a Content-property (for example, Button). ContentPresenter is used inside control templates to display content.

What is WPF ItemsControl?

ItemsSource is typically used to display a data collection or to bind an ItemsControl to a collection object. If you do not want to use an object that implements IEnumerable to populate the ItemsControl, you can add items by using the Items property. The items in an ItemsControl can have different types.

Why do we need dependency properties?

Dependency properties are used when you want data binding in a UserControl , and is the standard method of data binding for the WPF Framework controls. DPs have slightly better binding performance, and everything is provided to you when inside a UserControl to implement them.

What is a ContentPresenter in WPF?

In WPF there is an element called ContentPresenter, that is often used inside control templates, as well as inside the root application markup. The concept of ContentPresenter is quite simple – it is a placeholder for any XAML content and it can be used to insert content at runtime.

What is a Stackpanel WPF?

Advertisements. Stack panel is a simple and useful layout panel in XAML. In stack panel, child elements can be arranged in a single line, either horizontally or vertically, based on the orientation property. It is often used whenever any kind of list is to be created.

What is DataTemplate WPF?

DataTemplate is about the presentation of data and is one of the many features provided by the WPF styling and templating model. For an introduction of the WPF styling and templating model, such as how to use a Style to set properties on controls, see the Styling and Templating topic.

What is the difference between ListView and ListBox?

This knowledge base explains the difference between the ListBox and ListView component….Comparison.

S.No ListBox ListView
1 It is a form component and it will display a list of items. The selected items will be submitted when it is placed within the form. It is a layout component and it will display a list of items.

What is dependency property in WPF?

Dependency Property; what is it? WPF has provided some extended services to the CLR property that we can collectively call Dependency Properties. A Dependency Property is a property whose value depends on the external sources, such as animation, data binding, styles, or visual tree inheritance.