What is Antares Harmony Engine?

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What is Antares Harmony Engine?

Harmony Engine is a real-time harmony generating plug-in that lets you produce professional quality harmony arrangements from a single vocal or monophonic instrument track. And five channels of our Choir vocal multiplier lets you turn each harmony voice into 2, 4, 8, or 16 individual unison voices. …

How much IS antares Harmony Engine?

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This item: Antares Harmony Engine $ 249 .00 18 reviews Antares Auto-Tune Pro Pitch Correction and Vocal Effects Plug-in $ 399 .00 17 reviews
OS Requirements – Mac macOS 10.13 or later macOS 10.12 or later
OS Requirements – PC Windows 10 or later Windows 8.1 or later

What vocal effect does Bon Iver use?

The Prismizer Effect
The Prismizer Effect is a vocal processing effect comprised of the Antares Harmony Engine – the effect gained popularity in the late 2010s after being created and utilized by artists such as Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, and Francis and the Lights.

How do I activate my license with Antares Central?

Activate the license If you purchased your license from a dealer or partner, select “Activate a New Product License” and then select the “From a dealer or software bundle” option. On the “Redeem Registration Code” screen, enter your registration code and click “Register” to register and activate your license.

What does Justin Vernon use for vocal effects?

The Prismizer vocal effect is accomplished by using the Antares Harmony Engine Evo and controlling its pitch-shifted harmonies with a Midi controller.

Is Bon Iver an Auto-Tune?

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver has used auto-tune in numerous records, most prominently his completely auto-tuned album “22, A Million.” Both Kanye, T-Pain, and Vernon have one thing in common; besides the fact they all use auto-tune, they don’t need it.

Do you need Codemeter for autotune?

Auto-Tune Pro, Auto-Tune Artist, Auto-Tune EFX+, Auto-Tune Access and Auto-Key all use WIBU Codemeter for authorization. These plugins do not require a hardware key, and can be activated using Antares Central.

How do I open Antares Autotune?

Launch the Antares Central app and log in with your Antares account.

  1. PC: In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Program Files\Antares Audio Technologies.
  2. Mac: In Finder, select the Applications folder, open the Antares Audio Technologies folder, and then double-click the Antares Central app.