What is WorkItem in AEM workflow?

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What is WorkItem in AEM workflow?

A WorkItem is the unit that is passed through an Workflow instance of a WorkflowModel . It contains the WorkflowData the instances acts on and a reference to the WorkflowNode that describes the underlying workflow step. A WorkItem can be considered as a token in a petri net that flows through the net during execution.

What are different steps in workflow in AEM?

Workflows in AEM 02 – Process Step

  • Create an OSGi service implementing the interface com. adobe. granite. workflow. exec.
  • Set the property process. label. This is the String value by which our workflow needs to be listed.
  • Implement the execute(WorkItem, WorkflowSession, MetaDataMap) method with the implementation code.

How do I run a workflow in AEM?

Starting a Workflow from the Models Console

  1. Navigate to the Models console using Tools, Workflow, then Models.
  2. Select the workflow (according to the console view); you can also use Search (top left) if required:
  3. Select Start Workflow from the toolbar.
  4. The Run Workflow dialog will open, allowing you to specify:

What is transient workflow in AEM?

AEM provides out-of-the-box (OOTB) Adobe Granite Workflow Purge to clear nodes under the instance node. Transient workflows do not create child nodes under an instance node. When Adobe Granite Workflow Purge scheduled task runs, it has fewer archived workflows to purge, so it won’t timeout.

What is AEM OSGi?

OSGi is a fundamental element in the technology stack of AEM. It is used to control the composite bundles of AEM and their configuration. OSGi “provides the standardized primitives that allow applications to be constructed from small, reusable and collaborative components.

What is event listener AEM?

What is Event Listener? JCR Observer is the lowest-level event handling in CQ. As its name indicates it, is at JCR level and allows to listen to JCR-level events, gathered in sets (corresponding to persistence transactions).

What is the use of workflow in AEM?

AEM Workflows allows you to automate a series of steps that are performed on (one or more) pages and/or assets. For example, when publishing, an editor has to review the content – before a site administrator activates the page.

How do you implement personalization in AEM?

Create Segments in AEM:-

  1. Navigate to Audience Page Dashboard –> Personalization -> Audience .
  2. From top right click on Create –> Create ContextHub Segment, and enter below values.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Select your newly created segment and click Edit.
  5. Click on parsys (Drag Component here) and insert new component using the + sign.

What are workflow models?

A workflow model is the sequential series of tasks and decisions that make up a business process. Designing a workflow model lets business users see how a process works and helps them streamline and optimize it for best results and high efficiency.

What is the use of OSGi in AEM?

How do I create an event listener in AEM?

To create an AEM event handler, you create an OSGi bundle that contains a class that implements javax. jcr….For example, you can write an event handler to respond to the following JCR events:

  1. A node was added.
  2. A node was moved.
  3. A node was deleted.
  4. A property was added to a node.
  5. A property was changed.
  6. A property was deleted.

Do you need custom implementations of CQ5 workflows?

While working on CQ5 workflows , you might have undergone two variations where you need to write your custom implementations of a workflow process :

How to create new workflow in AEM CQ5?

The New Workflow dialog will open –> Type the Title and Name for your workflow and click OK. Your new workflow model appears in model tab. Note: Its a good practice to keep Name field in lowercase. As it acts as an id and doesnot accept space between words.

What does the custom participantstepchooser do in CQ5?

Custom ParticipantStepChooser : The ParticipantStepChooser allows assigning a user or a group to execute a specific branch of the workflow model and also allows to use a user’s session to perform a certain task like activating pages or assets.

How to close the memory associated with workitem?

Gets a WorkItemLinkCollection object that represents a collection of the WorkItemLink s that link to this work item now or linked to it in the past. Gets a WorkItemLinkCollection object that represents a collection of the WorkItemLink s that currently link to this work item. Closes this WorkItem instance and frees memory that is associated with it.