How Old Is Eddie Mair?

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How Old Is Eddie Mair?

55 years (November 12, 1965)
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Is Valerie Singleton married to Eddie Mair?

In 2016, Valerie jokingly proposed to Eddie Mair live on air on BBC Radio 4 on the leap year. Valerie is currently not married or rumoured to have a partner.

Who hosts pm on radio 4?

Evan Davis
PM, sometimes referred to as the PM programme to avoid ambiguity, is BBC Radio 4’s long-running early evening news and current affairs programme. It is currently presented by Evan Davis and Carolyn Quinn and produced by BBC News.

Has Evan Davis left pm?

Evan Davis is set to leave Newsnight by the end of October after being appointed presenter of BBC Radio 4 current affairs programme PM. Davis, who has been the lead presenter on Newsnight since 2014, will replace Eddie Mair, who left PM last month to host a new drivetime show on commercial radio station LBC.

What school did Andrew Marr go to?

Trinity Hall Cambridge
University of Cambridge
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Did Valerie Singleton have a relationship with Joan Armatrading?

Veteran television presenter Valerie Singleton, who has been rumoured to be dating singer Joan Armatrading, pleaded her to speak out and end their “lesbian affair” rumours. Singleton, 81, denied any relationship with Armatrading and requested her to take stand for the truth.

Who is Val Singleton married to?

Eddie Mair
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The former Blue Peter and PM presenter Valerie Singleton has proposed live on air to Eddie Mair. “I’ve lived for an awful lot of leap years and I’ve never actually asked anyone to marry me,” she said. “I can die happy now.”

Is Evan Davis sick?

Evan Davis has tested positive for Covid despite having two jabs. The Dragons Den presenter only discovered he was positive after random surge testing in his area revealed he had the virus. He has “no obvious symptoms” and has now returned to his presenting duties on BBC Radio 4’s PM.

How old is Evan Davis?

59 years (April 8, 1962)
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