How long do reptile mercury vapor bulbs last?

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How long do reptile mercury vapor bulbs last?

3-6 month
Most mercury vapor self-ballasted bulbs have a 3-6 month life span with few exceptions.

How do I know if my mercury vapor bulb is bad?

Replace the light bulb if it flickers, dims or changes colors drastically. Be sure to install the light according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The light will not work if the pins are not seated properly. If the light is tinted pink or blue after installing a new bulb, replace the capacitor.

Are mercury vapor bulbs good?

Mercury vapor bulbs (MVBs)project intense UVB and heat further than many other types of UVB bulb, making them popular for particularly tall enclosures. High quality bulbs can last 12 months or more. Metal halide bulbsare extremely bright and have a particularly high UVA output compared to other UVB bulbs.

How hot do mercury vapor bulbs get?

5,600 to 6,400 kelvins
In lighting tech-speak, it has a high color temperature (typically 5,600 to 6,400 kelvins) and a very low color-rendering index (CRI)–typically between 15 and 50.

Can you replace a mercury vapor bulb with LED?

LED corn cob lights are one of the most efficient ways to replace metal halide, mercury vapor, and high-pressure sodium HID bulbs.

Do mercury vapor bulbs get hot?

Mercury Vapor Bulbs They give off heat, visible light and UVB rays. That said, they’re best used as basking bulbs, because the heat and UV rays are highest right under them. There’s not much away from them. These bulbs do get very hot and can overheat a small enclosure.

What’s the life of a mercury vapor lamp?

When used with the correct ballast and properly maintained, a mercury vapor lamp has a long service life. The average life expectancy is more than 24,000 hours, or nearly three years of continuous use.

What kind of filament does a mercury vapor lamp use?

There are also self-ballasted mercury vapor lamps available. These lamps use a tungsten filament in series with the arc tube both to act as a resistive ballast and add full spectrum light to that of the arc tube. Self-ballasted mercury vapor lamps can be screwed into a standard incandescent light socket supplied with the proper voltage.

Do you need ballast for mercury vapor lamp?

As with fluorescent lights, mercury vapor lamps require a ballast to supply the proper voltage and regulate the current to the electrodes. The ballast is designed to be used with a specific size, or wattage, of bulb. Using a mercury vapor lamp with a ballast that was made for a higher wattage bulb might damage it or cause it to explode.

Is there a ban on mercury vapor lamps?

And the European Union is reportedly working to begin banning mercury vapor lamps as of 2015. Blue-Green Light — Due to the materials used to produce light in a mercury vapor lamp, the light it emits can sometimes have a very blue-green tinge to it.