Who is the greatest Baltimore Raven of all time?

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Who is the greatest Baltimore Raven of all time?

Ed Reed. The Hall of Famer was the greatest ballhawk to ever play the game, hauling in 61 interceptions over his 11 years with the Ravens.

Where is Joe Flacco today?

Philadelphia Eagles#7 / Quarterback
Joe Flacco/Current teams

What were the Baltimore Ravens originally called?

Baltimore Browns
Initially, the team was to be known as the “Baltimore Browns.” The plan was for the “Baltimore Browns” to play at Memorial Stadium until a new stadium could be built.

Who is the best Packers player of all time?

To recap, here is a look at your Top Ten Packers Players of All-Time:

  • Bart Starr (155 Fan Points)
  • Don Hutson (82 Fan Points)
  • Earl “Curly” Lambeau (78 Fan Points)
  • Brett Favre (68 Fan Points)
  • Reggie White (22 Fan Points)
  • Ray Nitschke (19 Fan Points)
  • Aaron Rodgers (10 Fan Points)
  • Paul Hornung (9 Fan Points)

Who did the Baltimore Ravens used to be?

The Ravens originated when Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell decided to relocate his historic franchise, and he reached a deal with the city of Baltimore to move his team in 1996.

When did the Baltimore Ravens win their first division?

From there the Ravens won five of their last six games. With a 10–6 record, Baltimore won their first AFC North division title. Running back Jamal Lewis ran for 2,066 yards on the season, including a then NFL single-game record of 295 yards at home against the Cleveland Browns on September 14.

Why did the Baltimore Ravens not score a touchdown in 2000?

Following a 37–0 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Ravens would not score a touchdown for five consecutive games. The Ravens won the first two of these games due to their defense and field goals from kicker Matt Stover, then lost the next three, including a critical division loss at home to the Tennessee Titans.

Who are the best players in Baltimore Ravens history?

The 25 Greatest Players in Baltimore Ravens History. 1 1. Ray Lewis, Middle Linebacker. 25 of 25 Years with the Ravens 17 (1996-2012) Best season 2003 (AP Defensive Player of the Year, 121 tackles, 14 2 2. Jonathan Ogden, Tackle. 3 3. Ed Reed, Free Safety. 4 4. Joe Flacco, Quarterback. 5 5. Jamal Lewis, Running Back.

What was the score of the Baltimore Ravens first game?

They won their first game at home against the Oakland Raiders, but lost the next two against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Houston Oilers. After their bye week, they beat the New Orleans Saints at home with a score of 17–10, but were not able to beat the New England Patriots in the following game.

How many times have the Baltimore Ravens played the Tennessee Titans?

The following is a list of all regular season and postseason games played between the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens. The two teams have met each other 26 times (including 5 postseason games), with the Tennessee Titans winning 13 games and the Baltimore Ravens winning 13 games.

Who was the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens?

Quarterback Tony Banks came to Baltimore from the St. Louis Rams and had the best season of his career with 17 touchdown passes and an 81.2 pass rating. He was joined by receiver Qadry Ismail, who posted a 1]

Who was the Baltimore Ravens Rookie of the Year?

Peter Boulware, with 11.5 sacks, was named AFC Defensive Rookie of the Year. Baltimore began the season by moving into their new stadium Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards (eventually the stadium would be called PSINet Stadium and later on now known as M Bank Stadium ).