Can you marry Reaver Fable 3?

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Can you marry Reaver Fable 3?

Seeing as he is a unique character, it is not possible to be romantically linked to him. In Fable III, despite the fact that Reaver shot Barnum over 50 years before, Reaver still received the (apparently bloodstained) photograph.

Does your kid grow up in Fable 3?

In Fable III, if a spouse is divorced or killed while a baby is present, it will be sent to The Orphanage where it will automatically age to childhood.

What is the best job in Fable 3?

Step 1: Getting Started. Step #1: Blacksmithing is the most efficient job. Use that to earn money to buy real estate.

How much money do you need to get the key in Fable 3?

The key can be obtained once the Hero has amassed over 5,000,000 gold. You must climb the mountain of gold to obtain it. Also, you automatically obtain the Key (no notification) when you have too much money in your own treasury, approximately when you hit 6,000,000 gold.

Do babies grow up in Fable 2?

User Info: Wren28. Pre Spire they’ll stay as a baby until you return, post spire they will age to around nine and stop there…they never get older than 9ish.

Which is unique character can you marry in Fable?

Lies, you can’t marry page, and there’s no special anything with Ellise/Elliot if they die. If they die, you never hear or speak about them again. The only “uniques” are Ellise/Elliot and Veronica/whatever her husband’s name is, they will show up with the rest of your followers. None of the other wives/husbands will. Those are the only “uniques”.

What’s the difference between Fable 2 and Fable 3?

Fable III Edit. The biggest change in Fable III is the ability to marry a co-op partner, you and your new spouse will have joint access to your gold. The monetary system is bisected so each player or partner receives half of whatever material or money is involved: e.g., if both co-op players are enthroned regents,…

Where can you find Reaver’s diary in Fable 2?

Reaver’s diary (which is found in separate entries throughout his “coastal paradise” in Fable II once the player has bought the house) states that this deal also caused the destruction of his own hometown of Oakvale, though he was unaware that this would be the Shadow Court’s price.

Where was Reaver from the fables originally born?

Reaver was originally born in Oakvale and is well known in Albion for being an excellent marksman. It is said that he would capture ships by shooting the captain from across the water no matter the distance or conditions. The more impossible the shot was, the faster the crew would surrender.